Simply Overthinking The Writing Process, blog by Drem

Here I am. These are my thoughts.


I need to say a few things that generally annoy me…

  1. I shouldn’t have to use a dictionary to read your work. I’m a graduate from a top university. I have been an employed writer and editor. If every word you’re using is ten letters long and/or not in common circulation, you are trying too hard and it shows. I just see you as a yapping fluffy Pomeranian.
  2. Don’t you want readers to be able to readily understand you? Why aren’t you thinking of people who use English as a 2nd language? Or, those who solely rely on translators? Don’t forget your audience may be a lot more diverse than you suspect. Thank Google.
  3. Get to your point. Sometimes one doesn’t have a point in the beginning. It only comes clear as the work continues. This is true for me in the creative writing process. But…
  4. Have a point. I hope it’s a decent one. When you figure it out- EPIPHANY- go with it.
  5. Edit. Re-edit. Go back. Read it again. There are a ton of typos and we both know it.
  6. Haven’t we had enough poems and pages of novels about roses and flowery shit? Stop trying to be Nathaniel Hawthorne. You’re not. You are you. I also hope you aren’t that Pomeranian.
  7. Themes. Themes. When you have a website and/or creating a name for yourself, have a theme. Ends up I have a few. I write trauma poetry, which extends to sharing articles about the subjects my poetry encompasses (mental health, tools for self-improvement, awareness pieces). And then, on the other end of the spectrum, I write funny cat stories. The thread that ties this together, however, is that my cat stories are about my own cat that is a therapy animal. He helps me with my illnesses. My poetry is about my illnesses. The stories provide me and others with relief. Especially those who suffer from depression. And, who doesn’t like cats? Lots of Pomeranians.
  8. The more seriously you take yourself, the more I think you’re a douche fake-ass academic wannabe.
  9.  Write what you would want to read.


Again, these are just thoughts. And partially a vent. I go through the Reader and some stuff just… ugh!






I ❤ Pomeranians irl.

3 thoughts on “Simply Overthinking The Writing Process, blog by Drem

  1. Thanks for speaking your mind. My blog started off with mental health but as I grow my interests grow- so now I have a quotes section, symbology and beliefs section. I write to be witty but I can also be serious. I don’t think there is anything wrong with variety.

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