PUT YOUR SHIT IN PERSPECTIVE BIEBER!: Canceling Meet & Greets with Terminally ill Kids!


Note: I’m a Make-A-Wish kid. I went to Disney. So, this hits close to home.

Read below for an except for the article.

“…First of all the picture he posted to explain that he would be cancelling his M&Gs due to them being “emotionally draining” was with a Make-A-Wish child.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Make-A-Wish foundation, it’s a way for kids who have medical conditions and often times don’t have much longer to live, to be able to accomplish something they’ve always wanted to but need help doing so. Most of the time that includes meeting Artists they wouldn’t be able to, whose music helps them during their times of struggle. Other times they request to attend award shows or have a family trip to Disneyland, etc. Via their website:

“Tens of thousands of volunteers, donors and supporters advance the Make-A-Wish®vision to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.”

These are some of the best and final memories they might have. Imagine being that child, or a family of that child and being excited that your idol posted your photo on Instagram and then reading the caption that they would now be cancelling future M&Gs because meeting fans (that child included), made them emotionally drained and depressed. That they wake up “unhappy.” Well hey Justin, at least you don’t have a terminal illness.

He goes on to say that he wants to make others happy but not at his expense. First, let’s clarify: it’s at their expense… $2,000 of it.

Second, I highly doubt meeting fans is the real reason he is depressed and emotionally drained.

Here are some thoughts on why Bieber cancelled his M&Gs and how he can live a happy and healthier life…”

Source: Theories As To Why Justin Bieber Cancelled His M&GS

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