The Paper Is Your Heart, a poem by Drem

This is an old poem form 2010 from my pink faux alligator skin journal! Let’s go! I was a little girl! hehe!

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The Paper Is Your Heart, a poem by Drem

Written July 5th 2010 with slight edits on March 18th, 2016


“You became the parchment.

The paper is your heart.

Your eyes,

dark as ink,

dart across the page

as you think

about what you haven’t done.

About what you haven’t seen.

Instead of where you’ve been,

you travel to where you dream.

So regretful.

But your chapters

are already chock-full

of a beautiful you.

That isn’t enough, though,

to soothe your paper heart


So delicate.

You flip fiercely through


towards something else.

Running after

an ending,

a happily ever after

that will take you

to where you want to be-

not with me.

Quite a distance from me.

Quite a distance.

Far from libraries,

your real heart,

your real self.

You jump.

You sprint.

Energy, with wild eyes.

From page 1

to page 10

to hide from

what’s outside.

You don’t like the reality

that love isn’t blind.

That everyone dies.

That I can’t block out

all that’s been hurting you.

That I can’t fight

what’s haunting you.

You don’t want us to go on

because I can’t


the impossible.

I can barely see you

on this midnight

television gameshow

on a staticky television screen.

The host is my heart

and it hurts to go on

each night to pretend

you are the man

I want you to be.

You want to talk?

I’ll hand you the mic.

Let’s talk.

But not until

you get real with me.

Step forward

as who you are-

a coward that’s running in place.

Yet, you get so damn far from me

when you sleep

on the other side of the bed

beside me.

Show the person who’s not perfect

to the world, me and yourself.

Not the twinkling Spring,

sun shining through gold and purple fire.

Antique fine china and romance.

That’s the pretend you.

Show the faded you.

Show the man lost in his head,

consumed by another one’s words.

I want the person I first met back.

You loved yourself and me

and the written word

but didn’t hide from the world

between the pages of Hawthorne to Rowling.

 So I figured it out.

A plan.

Come closer

closer now,

so I can tear that paper heart

right out from your mouth. “

Drem 2016 (c)



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