Reblog: WAIT!!!!!!, on sexual abuse revelations

Note: Having a safe space to open up about sexual abuse is difficult if not impossible to find. It took till I was 18 to say anything about my molestation that happened to me as a very young child. Later, after surviving rape, It took me nearly 2 years to say anything. This strong girl Bethany came out about  her abuse at 14, and nothing was done. No help with therapists. Like me, finding validation with even family members is sometimes unattainable. People don’t want to face the truth. Here is Bethany’s latest heartbreaking breakthrough.

WAIT>>>HOLD ON!!!!! I just read an email my mother sent a year ago. She said that I first went to therapy when I was 14. She took me to therapy when I was 14. She wrote, “I took her when she was 14. She didn’t tell the counselor anything helpful.” Helpful to WHO!!!??????
But that is not what the WAIT is for!!!!

But…But…I have no words. I am sitting here writing and I have no words. I was only 14. That keeps going over and over in my mind. I thought I was older when I finally told my parents I was being abused. I thought I was 16. I thought when I paddled out to the waterski jump and wrote “Billy Banks is a childmolester” I was much older.

I don’t think through anything I have experienced in this whole child abuse journey has ever led me to fury!


So much was put on me. So much was expected out of me. So much pressure to tell tell tell. Tell everything. Tell all the details. Relentless with the pressure of me to tell. Then to find out that nothing I told the therapist was helpful? I was a child. Maybe that just wasn’t the right therapist MOM. Maybe I tried to kill myself multiple times because I didn’t feel safe telling THAT therapist. Maybe….there are a thousand and one maybes…

Continue reading at source: WAIT!!!!!!

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