White Man Hold Pen Speak Loud, a poem by Drem about the US election

My cat’s sleeping directly next to me. I’m trying not to move.

This poem is about presidential and political rally speech writers.

It’s a work in progress.


White Man Hold Pen Speak Loud, poem by Drem

March 16, 2016


“You’re so full of cliches.

They come out, spurt out like fireworks

after the ideas swell in front of your eyes

as you lick the tip of the microphone, your pen.

Tilt your head back now.


Now swallow.



Spit it out.

It’s why I keep a small blue garbage can

next to the couch.

I can’t keep what you write down, either.

Words and words and words

drip from your lips

making me sick

watching it.

Monotone, greyscale sentences

just make me depressed and want to die.

I’m that dramatic when it comes to anti-climactic phrases.

Black and sticky in helvetica.

Not even mixed with pastel synonyms.

There’s an ocean of words, but you recycle rhetoric.

Sound bites, click bait

get the attention from the schools of fish

that follow the mysterious singular brain of the pack

as they jump head first into sardine cans.

Your pundit is the can,

in the pocket of your man.

Good job scoring delegates.

All lemons with lemonade and chimps in a cage.

Roses and eyeglasses and bulls in a cabinet.

I don’t like the taste either.

It’s bitter.

It lingers.

He’s bitter.

He lingers.

That’s all that English degree got you

from Georgetown?

If this is the best you have,

take it.

Drink water.


Try to swallow.

Scrape your tongue with the  dish towel.

There’s a blue one in the basement

and keep writing those presidential speeches.

Hide in the buses at the rallies.

They keep you employed.

No shame in money.

It’s surely more than what I get

for my stupid poetry.

But at least I’m not on my knees

selling out my country.”

(C) 2016 Drem



5 thoughts on “White Man Hold Pen Speak Loud, a poem by Drem about the US election

    1. Thanks! I think you’re the only one xD
      It’s different than my normal work. I never talk about politics. Just, this election here in the US is getting to me. I started watch the news a lot. And watching the rallies. And the things these people say- my goodness!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      I put this out awhile ago but it got barely any views so I decided to sticky it to the top now till it gets what I think it deserves 😛


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