REBLOG: Regret, a poem by Danny

This is not by me.
I came across this the other day and it struck a nerve with me.
I think I have a lot of regrets. People, places, things- wishing I said NO louder. Fought back harder. Wondering if that would have made a difference….


art I picked. By Gery.

Different Danny

My daydream today is significant.
I stumbled, stopped and processed.
At first i presumed continuity;
But all i have left is numb pain.

When i see you all i think of is that night
of bags and bottles and crying –
although that was not all.
When i see myself it is merely a reflection
a stony face of regret.
This is hardly fair anymore.
It is not fair for either of us.

The daydream tomorrow; further.
Moving away from the promise
that could never be kept. At least –
Not in any particular order that made sense.
It is all such a jumbled mess
And i relive it everyday
When i understand it is forgotten.

…And always when i’m feeling hopeful.

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