Interview w/ Poet, Blair: Writing To Heal


Blair is a 40-something year old poet from the East Coast of the USA who writes poetry daily. He’s a survivor who started this form of self-help at age 10. Like myself, due to his physical illness he began suffering from very low self-esteem. Instead of giving in to the negative thoughts, he fought back with his pen. He creates inspirational work every day. Read more about his story below because, like you, Blair…

Writes To Heal

What have you gone through that brings out such powerful work?

I have had diverse traumatic experiences which I am still working through and am not yet ready to share; as well as illnesses. I am a type 1 diabetic. They are all a part of me. The traumatic experiences affected my sense of self-esteem; which is still quite low because of it. It is a daily battle not to give in to the inner negativity; which haunts me every day. Often I wonder why did this happen to me? I still feel worthless and unlovable because of it. I’ve since met many people who’ve also lived through similar experiences to me. I’ve decided to fight back. All of us who have experienced this are not worthless or trash. It is time to stand up and say. Enough! We are all people who are lovable, caring and can love others with all of our hearts. It might not be easy, look beyond the surface and our pain. Our love is not easily given but when it is you have it. I have long since forgiven the people who did the things to me. However, I do not forget. I still find it easier to write about all of my heart breaks and failed relationships than going deeper into the traumatic experiences. Having met and fallen in love with many wonderful, gentle, respecting, caring, loving people has helped me profoundly; to slowly come out of my shell, in spite of things not working out. They all have a place in my heart and I will love them for the rest of my life. I know that writing all of this publicly was not easy for me. Before this new year is over; I will start to write about the other things and set myself free, so I can grow and develop in new ways and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I write to heal because I believe it can help not only me but others who are going through the same thing or who’ve had similar experiences. It is important to realize that you are not alone. Together we can overcome our pain and help one another.

Did it happen organically or did you say to yourself, “I need to do this to help myself”?

It just happened, thinking back on it now; I can say some of my experiences helped to ignite the spark that led to my starting to write.

What type of writing or art do you mainly focus on?

Poetry, acting, improvisation and writing skits

Does writing help you digest your pain/suffering/experience and give some relief? Do you use it to cope?

Yes, it helps me to work through, digest it, cope with it and find a path towards healing myself through the writing of the pain and experiences that come with it. Without writing I am sure I would be already dead. Writing helps the pain to be worked on and to lessen it. It is a good way to help relieve pain and to heal yourself. That has been my experience.

What dreams do you have for your writing/art and have those dreams changed since starting?

I would love to publish a book of my diverse works. This has not changed.

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