Tortoise, a poem by Drem

This is about the unemployment situation for young college grads trying to make a livable wage. They’re all freaking out because some didn’t do things right, like getting the internships they needed or being in ridiculous debt or picking an unemployable field of study. Some are in panic because they’re out on their own and the pressure is too much. They go to every job opening and it’s no after no.

Anyway, I just felt like writing something. I don’t like it but I’m posting anyway. I’m feeling sick. I’m going to write a blog post about it. I lost a lot of my leg strength. Multiple Sclerosis sucks.



Tortoise, by drem

Written March 3, 2016


“I go on

with my feet leaving a silhouette of themselves in the sand.

I move forward

even as my eyes look down to the ground, too afraid to see what’s ahead.

I’m lost in the shuffle

of all the men and women with agendas. What’s in them? I don’t know.

I left my briefcase at home

and everyone’s speed walking in succession.

I can’t go back to get it

and I’m the only one who doesn’t look professional.

I’m too slow and I’m too old and I’m too sick and depressed and I eat fried chicken.

Not a freegan or a vegan or have a top bun or a walkman to be a hipster or be vintage.

Don’t call me a millennial.

Don’t call me a young professional.

It has negative connotations.

I may have graduated from a top school

but I’m not in debt because I know how money works.

I know my self-worth and earning potential

and what risk is worth taking.

Blue hair, tattoos, and band t-shirts may make up my outside.

I don’t look like them in their suits and mustaches,

yet I’m so much richer than them

on paper.

Résumé and bank statements alike.

I don’t even know how I got into this herd

of drones with hollowed eyes.

So, push ahead.

Go ahead.

I’ll spend my time skipping over the cracks in the cement.

Playing games to pass the time.

In no rush to get to your nowhere

in this stagnant economy

with expensive healthcare.

Also, I didn’t major in philosophy.

See how smart I am?

You can play the rabbit or the hare.”

(c) Drem 2016

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