REBLOG: Under the Covers (morning depression poem)

This poem is not by me. But it’s about Morning Depression. It struck a nerve. Morning Depression is like the WORST type of depression for me. It can last all day. I try to get up. I am passionless. I try to move. I can’t. Opening my eyes is hard. Getting out of my room is hard. Everything is hard but I keep trying, hoping that I can “walk it off”. Sometimes it dwindles down, like a tear drop that finally reaches the ground on a windowpane. Slowly. Erratically. Occasionally coming back up from the wind. And then sometimes it sits there, within you. All day. All fucking day.


For those days, when you just want to hide from the world…  Under the Covers They say it’s darkest before dawn But I disagree  For all too often The dawn is scariest for me Wh…

Source: Under the Covers

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