On ex-boyfriends…


“I don’t keep anything from my exes around… including my exes.”



There’s a reason why I left them!

Feel free to share! ❤

Also, this applies to obviously any type of partner.





3 thoughts on “On ex-boyfriends…

  1. i tend to agree. who wants to be constantly reminded of everything that just didn’t work out!? And FYI, it’s not me, it’s you. It’s totally you dude! 🙂


    1. YES!
      I was friends with an ex because I was friends with him 7 years before our brief dating. Besides making every boyfriend I had since him jealous that I still talked to him, I really had feelings that I couldn’t let go. I had to keep saying it didn’t work out for a reason! Finally I ceased it. I cried. It hurt. It was like 3 years after we broke up. I felt like I lost an arm. My rock. But it was so worth it. I’m free.
      Now I have this policy ❤

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