Writing To Heal featuring: Jules

Jules is a blogger from the coastal town of Perth Western Australia whose gone through so much- from sexual abuse to an eating disorder. Now in her 30s and after finding conventional psychiatry not working for her, she turns to alternative means. Now she…

Writes To Heal


Why do you write to Heal?

After experiencing a traumatic childhood, where I had an abusive alcoholic parent, broken family unit and some sexual abuse thrown in, I became a sever panic disorder sufferer and morbidly depressed when I was 17. Part of the panic disorder affected my eating so an unusual eating disorder started where I didn’t eat for many years… I have been working on myself mainly through holistic and alternative channels after the psychiatrists etc. didn’t really work for me. After working on myself so much and getting to the point where I am – I realised that by telling my story and all that I have learnt could inspire and help others in similar situations.


Is that when you started writing?

No, I always knew I would write to help and inspire others, but it was a pipe dream that I kept thinking about in my head until this year! At first I thought I would write a book, but it felt so overwhelming, like how could I write a whole book. Plus my musing are all over the show so a book didn’t really fit. It was when I saw a blog this year, that it clicked for me and I haven’t looked back since.


Why do you continue and has it changed?

Not only is it healing and beneficial for me to write, be it about good or bad things that happen, although I will always put a positive spin or point or view on everything I write – I also feel that it helps others in some way, whether it to feel like they are not quite so alone in what they are going through, to getting some insight and an aha moment when they are reading it.


How often do you write?

I write when the mood takes me or my inner author jumps up and down until I get the words out it wants to say! Sometimes it is daily, weekly or monthly. I try not to force it but I am slowly trying to write more and often.


When do you write and how?

I have a journal that I write in most days about anything and everything but most of my blogging and writing is done on the computer in a word document. It is much faster to keep up with my running thoughts then trying to scribble it down quickly and then decipher the mess I made! I write at any time of the day when my inspiration has been hit and needs to be written. So can be any time or place.


Do you have a different profession?

Yes, I am a self-employed Mortgage Broker so get to work from home and luckily able to fit my writing and so forth around that and manage to keep both sides of my brain happy!!


What dreams do you have for your writing?

I want to be able to reach as many people as I can to help inspire them, see that they are not alone and that they can have a positive life as well and maybe see things from a different perspective that they hadn’t thought about before. To give them some aha moments, that even if their situation is not the same, are able to be applied to their own life.


Where do you find your most inspiration?

In every- day life, a conversation I have heard, a song lyric or sentence written in a book. Something that is going on in my life or someone I know, past experiences, my intuition or guides pointing something out – the list is endless! I feel you can find inspiration in anything, if you know how to find it!

Do you feel through your art, you are in the healing process still?

I feel we are always in a state of healing. I don’t think you ever stop learning, improving and dealing with issues. There will always be something that may crop up that we need to deal with, big and small (even those pesky issues that you think you have already dealt with) and that is something to look forward to and enjoy as it means you are evolving, growing and most importantly alive.


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