Shh, a poem by Drem

Shh, a poem by Drem

Written May 16th, 2012

Edited Feb. 28, 2016


“Removing the eyeliner

from my eyes

that smeared onto my cheeks.

It’s stained me.

And all I did all day was think

and I’m a mess

just from that.

Was thinking about cotton candy,

lackluster snowfalls

where nothing sticks

except that to the grass

and a white wedding

that’s not coming.

Crushing ice with my teeth

to pass the time

and get my mind off things.

My lips go numb.

I’m numb.

Not from the cold

But from this, that and my past

that creeps up on me

when I dream.

So push me, please,

till I’m done

and over

at the dinner table

pretending to eat.

I’m five days behind life now.

Need to catch up

because soon it’ll be April.

And there’s an address book

filled with numbers

of people I don’t know


I don’t know me

anymore, too.

I’m all just for show.

I’m lonely.

But if I don’t tell anyone

and you don’t tell anyone

no one will ever know.

Let’s pretend.



3 thoughts on “Shh, a poem by Drem

  1. I’m glad you left a comment on my blog. I don’t think I’ve been getting notifications in my reader. Do I still show as following your blog, Drem?

    (The poem, by the way, is of your usual high standard. That certainly hasn’t changed!)


    1. It says you are a follower. Then it notified me just now you re-followed me.
      I’ve been afk from life. If it wasn’t for my cat I don’t think I’d be tethered down to Earth. I haven’t been posting nearly as much. I lost a lot of my readership. My average views per day are down tremendously.
      I’m trying to get myself together and start posting again. Life is just hard and trying to commit to this puts a weight on me that is sometimes too much to bare… even though it’s just a blog. I can’t handle much anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear you, Drem. You don’t need advice from me but I will say this… just be kind to yourself whatever you do. Your readership may have dropped but you still have your creative voice. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading (as long as WP cooperates and TELLS me when you post!). 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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