Music That Makes Me Feel A Little Less Crazy- Dealing w/ Depression, Chronic Pain & Anxiety

This is a series I’ll be doing on music that helps me during my times of my chronic pain (living with autoimmune diseases, MS and other ailments), anxiety and depression (specifically painful depression). This is Part 1.


Why I’m doing this: Maybe you’re like me-laying in bed. Hurts too much to open your eyes. Missing a piece of your chest. In the center. There’s a void. And next to it is your heart that’s now exposed to the world and it aches and feels cold from the air. No one is around to notice as you fall apart. Where the missing piece is, the void, is the charred edge and pain radiates outwards within your body. All the way to your fingertips. Up to your shoulders. Down to your pelvis. And you can’t move too quickly, because the depression and anxiety consumes you.

If I can, I try to turn on some music. I usually listen to spa music to fall asleep. But, occasionally that doesn’t work.

These are some songs of artists that help me during the times when I’m laying in bed and experiencing the overwhelming sensation of emptiness and jitteriness and pain from emotional or physical problems.

They make me feel less crazy. More grounded and centered.

Maybe they will help you.


All my love and xoxo,




Motion City Soundtrack’s L.G. FUAD (Let’s Get Fucked Up And Die) off of Commit This To Memory (2005).



Melissa Etheridge’s I’m The Only One off of Yes I Am (1993).



I’m Still Breathing by Katy Perry off of One of the Boys (2008).


Come Together as sung by Joe Cocker for the Across the Universe movie and soundtrack (2007), originally performed by the Beatles (1969).


Story of the Year’s Anthem Of Our Dying Day (LIVE) .



17 thoughts on “Music That Makes Me Feel A Little Less Crazy- Dealing w/ Depression, Chronic Pain & Anxiety

      1. I think I’ve heard them a few times. I might have seen them play. I used to go to shows a lot when I was younger. I will look them up.

        I just started listening to 4 Non Blondes recently. I am going to add them to my next one.

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  1. Music is so therapeutic. I need to listen to it more. I do love it when I have somewhere to go and I am alone. I put on my head phones and go into my own world. Listening to music is a wellness tool I need to do more of. My partner’s Mum has MS and she loves listening to audio stories.


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