To My Little Starfish, a poem of encouragement during dark times by Drem

I literally just wrote this on my laptop on my wordpress. I never do that. I always write in a journal. This is a new way of doing things. It’s actually a lot easier. A lot more legible.

Anyway, I wrote this for a friend who I care for deeply. She is suffering a lot right now and I think I suck as a friend because I act as a shoulder to cry on but then give tough love, too. Nobody ever taught me how to be a good friend. But I do know right from wrong, thanks to my mom. And I know she was treated wrongly by someone else, and I am doing my best to encourage her to save herself and be strong. Maybe I should buy a How To Be A Friend handbook because the tough love can backfire on me. And I don’t blame her. Expressing what I view as reality can be hard for her. But I’m only doing it to protect her because she is so distraught over what happened. I just want her to get through this and not give up.

(PS, I know starfish only have one eye and can live on the vents on the ocean floor. I took creative liberty here and created a special imaginary starfish representing my friend).



To My Little Starfish, a poem of encouragement by Drem
Written Feb 10, 2016

“The thoughts you’re having 
are only circling around the drain
going nowhere
in the rhythm
of the currents
and the waves.
But, they are drowning you,
Little Starfish.
The clamps of dreams
once had
have been snatched
from reality
and the remnants
run rampant
and act as anchors
around your feet.
You don’t notice the feeling
of getting lost
from the overwhelming loss you’ve had.
And now in the darkness,
your sore ankles
are bleeding
from the chained restraints-
and they just continue to bleed away.
You can only feel the emptiness,
the void
now present
from losing that piece
of your once whole heart.
Unanswered questions,
second thoughts,
new ideas,
and depression
swim around
as you’re dragged
by that anchor.
You go deeper and deeper
into the thick darkness
where there is little current
and most everything is still
except for the swirling thoughts
within you
that are alive
and entrapping your mind.
Entrapping you.
Your body, mind, and soul.
You’re consumed.
Little Starfish,
open your eyes to see.
The ocean floor
is littered with cracks
that can eat you up.
And the vents
are too warm.
you’ll burn your fair skin.
…You weren’t made to live here.
You were made for bright coral reefs,
neon fish for friends,
and a visible blue sky
through a blue sea.
Little Starfish,
do you not remember?
Can you try to remember?
No matter what is lost,
all will grow back.
You will be whole again.
All of you
will be all of you again.
Starfish have the strength
to continue on with life
no matter how much is stolen
or broken from them.
You can recover.
You can go on.
You just need
to untie the chained anchor
that’s wrapped around your ankles
to save yourself
and swim up.
No one can save you but you.
I know what you’re going through
is worse than any fisherman’s trap.
If it was a hook, I’d unhook you.
If it was a cage, I’d open the door.
If it was a net, I’d cut through it.
This anchor is different.
This anchor is within.
Depression is a demon
that eats one’s hope
and spits out bad thoughts.
I can only do so much as a friend
to help you realize
your value,
self worth,
and power.
You have so much more potential than me.
You can go on.
You can be free.
And grow back that heart that lost a piece.
See what I see, and swim up with me.”
(c) Drem 2016

Featured image by James R. Eads. Please visit James R. Eads Illustration to view more of his fantastic work and support this artist!

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