Featuring Trina- Writing To Heal

Trina is a 30-something year old mom from South East England who is dealing with the struggles of bi-polar type 2 that she was diagnosed with after having a devastating miscarriage. She began blogging to anonymously on It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes to vent and digest her at times overwhelming emotions and stress. Soon, she realized that she…

Writes To Heal

Drem: Do you have a different profession besides this?

Trina: No, now that I am classified as disabled (from my bipolar disorder) I stay at home and blog and take care of my child.


D: What dreams do you have for your writing/art and have those dreams changed since starting?

T: Just to have one person change their mind on  what they think living with a mental health condition is like.


D: What is living with a mental health condition been like for you?

T: I have always had mental health problems and I used wine (lots of wine) to self medicate. I then became pregnant with my now son and that encouraged me to give up drinking and get my head sorted, things were going well and then I suffered a miscarriage which put me into a downward spiral, which led to self harming, I finally saw a doctor who put me on antid’s, which I was dead against going on. Over a year later and we still haven’t found a combination of drugs that work. I was given a new diagnoises from depression to bi polar type 2 with rapid cycling.


D: Does your blog involve discussing any other things?

T: It’s more of a journal. I don’t do poetry or short stories. I am not that creative. I do have some political rantings in there, but mainly about the UK government and how they treat the most vulnerable.


D: How does the UK government treat those with illnesses?

T: The government, but more specifically the way the benefit system works when you are disabled and trying to get disability. For example, it took me nearly 6 months to get my disability and that is fast and probably because I phoned up once a week to try and find out what happened. You have to fight for every single thing and I found it exhausting, especially with depression to go through this and then the fact you have to be open about your mental health to many random people. Not everyone can do that




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