Endometriosis Party! Writing Our Way Through- Drem, Cractpot, & Halsey

How coincidental that I’m dealing with endometriosis pain (ow, ow, ow!) and likely surgery, the next person on my Write To Heal feature writes because she also has endometriosis (see my interview with Cractpot), and now my favorite female artist came out to talk about her endometriosis.

It’s like an endometriosis party!

Bring on the painkillers and surgeries and birth control to try to stop our uterine lining from taking over our bodies!!


Here’s what Halsey, the singer/songwriter, said over Twitter:





Thank you, Halsey, for being so open.



Now, get ready to be inspired!



And, let’s try to forget about our pain the best we can and keep writing our way through.

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