Does anyone else have an issue with caffeine?

It seems to not work when I need it to.

I need it to work when I drink it to keep me up and alert for a few hours. NOT finally 10 hours+ later when I’m trying to sleep.

WTF is up with that!?!?


This is my brain at 8pm-4AM. It’s at a rave while I’m in my bed. Say hi. /wave

For example- I drank coffee around noon. I was still tired. I am so tired I am in bed. It is 5:30pm. I may very well fall asleep. I try to force myself to stay awake. Then around 8pm, when I permit myself to sleep. suddenly a burst of energy floods my body.





Maybe my meds have something to do with it? I’m on a couple… I know sometimes antidepressants fuck with sleep patterns. And I’ve always suffered from some level of insomnia.


This is very inconvenient, indeed.

Teal’c agrees this is very inconvenient.


    1. valerian hasn’t worked for me. i tried magnesium too. that helped me feel very calm but nothing else.
      My friend suggested passion flower a long time ago for anxiety as sleep. I need to try that one. I forgot. Thanks for mentioning it!

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    1. it does suck!! i tried McDonald’s coffee. I’m convinced it’s a scam. I actually drank it while I was in bed, then fell asleep, and sipped it throughout the night. There is no way in hell that had any caffeine. Or maybe I’m beyond caffeine and need to go over my 3 shots of espresso.
      The only reason why I need to drink caffeine now, and it’s only been a recent thing by the way, is because I try to stay awake to be with my s/o during the day. When he has off from work, it’s nice to go on day dates. So, I am suffering through it for that! Perhaps it’s not worth it and I should continue being a wild woman of the night 😛

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