You’re A Dream & I’m Not, a poem by Drem

Wrote in 2012. Edited now.

It’s 2016. It’s so odd that I write something several years ago and yet it’s still so applicable to my life right now. And feelings I’ve felt many, many times in the years since. And in fact, this theme is- you’re a dream and i’m not– has been revisited by me and I didn’t even realize it. I guess some people never change. I don’t change. Same nonsense. Same problems. All repeats. All over again.

Featured image by Tang Yau Hoong

You’re A Dream & I’m Not , a poem by Drem


“Looking at the concrete.

Then eyes drift to the ceiling.

Anywhere but at that

who harbors you.

Your heart

and ideas

of a future-

what could have been.

That excitement.

Fucking bullshit.

Feeling wanted.


No, my eyes go anywhere

than the body-

not the heart it harbors.

A better word for body is dream.

You were a dream.

Your own dream

that had in its effervescence,

in its silvery shadow

absence of reflection,

an idea

of which

filled your emptiness.


With candy.

School and narcotics and work.

Such joy.

So you let yourself out

of the formation,

of the marching band

at some random empty banquet

you were required to take part in-

boss says it will boost morale at work.

What you are

is makeup,

paint, powder, liquid foundation, and bleach.

I’m not what I eat.

I’m nothing.

And so are you.

You’re nothing.

Just a dream.

I’m not a dream, though.

I’m real.

So go away.”

(c) 2016 Drem

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