And So The Day Goes, a poem by Drem

Another from 2012 in that pink little book. Sitting here trying to stay awake. I think WordPress had a glitch or something earlier. Everything wasn’t loading. It was around 7 EST.

And So The Days Go, a poem by Drem

May 16, 2012

“Sleep deprived

with an empty address book.

Coke cans are in the recyclable.

I checked.

And so the day goes.

All I want

is to stop the feelings

I feel

in the morning

and evening

and afternoon.

It, this routine

of ours

is wearing

down the pocketbook.

It’s empty now.

And the soles in our shoes

are far too worn to be of use.

And the souls in our bodies

don’t work.

Don’t sleep.

I don’t feel real

because emotions are still foreign.

And admission of

respect for oneself

verses actually having

respect for oneself-

doing it.

Act of doing it.

Giving it a go.

They’re two totally different things.

Words are mere words

that you speak

or you write.

They don’t really mean anything,

though writers say otherwise.

It doesn’t matter unless you feel

and commit.

And move.

Maybe in the morning

once my chemicals balance out

after a few hours

of waking up and feeling like hell

from that ugly invisible

thing called depression

things will be better.

I’l pay for my dreams

until then.

Wait for the rust to wear down the chains

so they break me free

of the monotony

I have to do-

the pills, the drugs, and going through the recyclables.”

(c) Drem 2016

6 thoughts on “And So The Day Goes, a poem by Drem

  1. I particularly love the second half and how you wrap your feelings up in the ending, outlining the recyclables. Another cycle in itself. A nice metaphor for medications being recycled through the bodies organs. ..Jx

    Liked by 1 person

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