(REBLOG) Bill For Disabled Adults To Receive Free Care From Home

As a classified disabled young adult, I hope this bill gets passed. I don’t want to live in an assisted living situation in the future if my illness gets worse if it can be avoided, and my mom isn’t going to be around forever. I don’t know which illnesses this bill will include, but I hope it includes Multiple Sclerosis and mental health disorders. Perhaps everyone on SS disability. This would help my grandma. I don’t want her in a nursing home. I WANT HER HOME!

Right now I can not get physical therapy, possible visiting nurse/dr visits for prescription refills  or a visiting emotional therapist to help cope through my chronic pain. When I’m at my worst, which can lasts for months, my illness is just prolonged because I can not get the proper I need at home care.


Originally posted on SILive.


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Sen. Charles Schumer has sponsored a bill hoping to keep families together and make life accommodating and comfortable for disabled adults.

Schumer (D-NY) plans to introduce the bill, Disability Integration Act, in the Senate this week, requiring health insurance companies to pay for services for disabled adults in their homes.

While insurance covers care for disabled people in institutions, keeping them at home, should they and their family desire it, should be their right, Schumer said.

Schumer discussed the bill in the Elizabeth Connelly Resource Center at the Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Council Monday, along with members of the disabled adults community, and explained the importance of keeping people in their own homes.

Speaking in a phone interview later, the senator recalled growing up across the hall from a disabled boy.

Schumer took the wheelchair-bound neighbor, Joey, for walks on the street, but they were confined to that block because there were no curb cuts in the sidewalk, as the Americans with Disabilities Act would later require.

Schumer was a co-sponsor of that act and said the same spirit applies to home care for disabled adults.

“The disabled have to put up with things that we take for granted, like crossing the street,” Schumer said.

Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Council Chairman Michael Weinberg said, “As New York State continues to move men and women out of the developmental centers and into the community, we applaud Sen. Schumer for developing the Disability Integration Act, which recognizes that people with disabilities have the basic right to live independent, fulfilling lives.”

He called the need for residential options a “crisis.”

“We cannot go back to the days of warehousing people in institutional care models, nor can we expect that everyone will live with their parents forever.”

Schumer’s bill has no sponsors in the House yet, and he acknowledged there will be detractors who are unconvinced that such a bill could pass in any reasonable amount of time.

“It’s the beginning; it’s going to take a while to get this done but it’s very important because it’s a system that’s flawed,” Schumer said.

Schumer served with Elizabeth Connelly in the state Assembly, he said, recalling her passion for the disabled and noted it was appropriate to announce his new bill at a center named for her.

Disabled adults should be allowed to be as independent as they can, the senator argued, and caring for someone in their own home would cost less than in an institution.

“Why do you want to break up families?” Schumer asked. “Or even break up friendships in communities?”

He’s optimistic that a law, requiring insurance companies to change their policies, can get passed, when the ADA became law within a few years of being introduced in Congress.

“It shows you we can get something like this done,” he said.

11 thoughts on “(REBLOG) Bill For Disabled Adults To Receive Free Care From Home

      1. I don’t usually either, but I’m feeling uninspired tonight so I figured why not.
        And we have a lot of similar issues with there being a lack of care for young adults. It seems some people can only get care if they’re young (under 18) or older (over 65). It’s quite dismissal.


      2. It’s true and scary. I want my grandma home. She is in her own mind. She only lost her ability to walk and we can’t lift her or we would.

        And I worry for my own future. Multiple sclerosis can be a very debilitating longterm illness and there is no cure.

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      3. One major thing I think that people forget when it comes to older people who are physically challenged, is that, having them in certain places where there isn’t a lot of interaction, like care or retirement homes, can actually negatively affect their health. My great aunt was perfectly fine mentally until she had to be put into a care home and we saw her mental state deteriorate so quickly just due to the fact that they don’t have many opportunities to exercise their minds. It’s so sad. Absolutely, I can’t imagine having to think of my future like that but I definitely worry about one of my closest friends. She was born with cerebral palsy and they’ve found it’s still progressive in her, so now due to the lack of care there’s a chance she’ll find herself back in a wheelchair before she’s 25. It really makes me wonder how people can think that things like this aren’t a major issue.


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