Artist & Dysfunction, by David Bowie 1998

I’ve often wondered that if being an artist in any way, any nature, is sort of a sign of dysfunction… – David Bowie on Charlie Rose, 1998

There was no transcript I can find so I got it off the Youtube video of it. I kept re-watching to try to get the quote as close as possible. However, since there is no transcript I did not put it in quotes incase I typed in error.

9 thoughts on “Artist & Dysfunction, by David Bowie 1998

  1. I don’t know about ‘dysfunction’, but I think creative people are ‘different’, bearing in mind we are all unique. Don’t creative people process outside the square in the left hemisphere or something, or is it just a predisposition – Nature vs Nurture debate? Jx


    1. I have no idea but I know more artists suffer from depression and other mental illnesses than those we are not artists. If you read up on all the most famous- they were all pretty effed up. And I mean that endearingly.

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