I’m Sorry Cat (8)

I’m sorry cat that I’m about to share the special song I sing to you when it’s cuddle time. It’s cute and adorable and I’m your human mom so it’s thus my job to embarrass you…

“Aw sha baby. Aw sha baby. Aw sha baby. Aw. Aw sha baby. Aw sha baby. Aw sha baby aw. Mommy loves sha baby. Loves sha baby. Gives me kiss- mwah.”


〈 Read more about my therapy cat here.  〉

〉 Part 9 of I’m Sorry Cat is here.

10 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Cat (8)

    1. It was more of a story than poem.
      I don’t think you read it- just wanted me to go read yours for traffic.
      This ended up in my spam folder but I unspammed it.
      In the future, make comments less spammy.


  1. Yes that is truly adorable. I’m tempted to say do a recording but sharing the lyrics is one thing, I don’t believe you’d have a happy cat if you sang the song for your readers. Haha!! Love the caption on this one, its brilliant!!

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      1. No soundcloud in this one don’t think there’s meant to be. It’s just an adorable cuddle song it should be kept between the two of you. At least your singing anyway. Not that you have a bad voice ofc we all know you can sing from pat 12s shaggy parody. I wouldnt mind the bad lighting, it hides me. Haha. BTW sorry for blowing up your feed just found the time to go through the series and as advertised it’s awesome.

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      2. Yeah seems to take me through. That’s a great video. Poem is great and I love the energy. I like your voice it’s very cool, the accents brilliant. I’ll have a look at the channel later. Trying to sleep took some pilla but apparently the dose I got sucks.

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