Holding Onto Happiness & Hope, quote by Drem

I wrote this awhile ago. I’ve been too tired to make the image for the quote. I have another quote to put up too. Maybe tomorrow or so.

“I’m holding onto your happiness and hope, because I haven’t seen those two things in a long while.”

-Drem 2016

9 thoughts on “Holding Onto Happiness & Hope, quote by Drem

  1. Hi, Drem! I really love this quote of yours. I’d like to use it on my quotes page, if you’d allow me. My site is rambunctious and outre, so if that’s good or bad, is a perceptional matter. If not, that’s okay; I hope you’ll let me know. 🙂


      1. Can I write it into my Quotes post, instead? I occasionally add other ones to the post (‘though not often, ‘cuz I’m picky) and then re-date it from time to time. I don’t have the Press This widget cuz I need a computer for that and only have a phone (sorry for being a pain). Something’s going on and I’m having probs with comments/replies (I just happened to re-check your site and coincidentally saw your message). Thanks.


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