Finally Good News, blog update

I’m still waking up with depression and anxiety. I have no energy or will to do much, especially when I don’t take my meds at the right time. It throws my whole brain chemistry off. My daymares, caused by my past traumas, are a daily struggle. I’m not sleeping. And when I do, it’s a lot of nightmares. I hate thinking of people I shouldn’t be thinking of. They hurt me and are far away but so close to me still, forever embedded in my mind.  I’m not eating much. Even posting on my site is hard for me, though all my readers I love.

My body has been hurting a lot lately. The weather is going apeshit and that’s not good for anyone with autoimmune diseases or MS. Which means more pain killers. Which causes mood swings and stomach aches and throwing up. I hate sounding drugged up on the phone. I miss being in my own mind and being able to think clearly.


But, things are going a bit better than usual!

I’m seeing someone ❤ It’s monogamous and consistent and he lives nearby! We also have a lot of things in common.

He’s very sweet and I enjoy going out on dates with him and just watching tv together. It’s nice feeling comfortable and laughing with someone.

I’ve been laughing a lot more than usual. Laughing is a great medicine. And I do get little butterflies when he walks up to ring my doorbell for a night out. I know- stupid. But, I think I deserve a little happiness now and then. And maybe my other chronic conditions will start being easier to bare.


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