Underwater Cities, a poem by Drem

This was a rough draft I decided was good enough to be the final draft. It’s a children’s story poem to me. Maybe it’s a little scary…. I don’t know.

Underwater Cities, a poem by Drem

May 2012

“The ocean was suffocating.

It was taking in

too much power.

It’s attention

was pressing

on the fears

of the pebbles

who were confessing

that their imminent grounding

was coming

and they weren’t ready

to be sand just yet.

A life of being fostered

on the coast line

was not a life they dreamed.

Trees of emerald

lined the road.

Jagged edges

worn by sailors

who drove

under the influence

of vet papers,

and the powerful waves,

made the bark bend with the breeze

that travels East.

Every other day

it seemed

the coast was moving

all by itself.

I wanted to go away with it.

To forget my shovels and bucket.

So I asked it

if I could accompany its waves,

if I could go,

with the wind that moves it.

But it said no.

That I was too big.

I yelled that the seas aren’t too small

for me.

It ultimately got its way.

And I was left on the shore

with the old sailors

and old pebbles

and crooked trees.

And to this day

that once gasping ocean

is covering more and more cities

in vengeance

for my anger.

It’s a coverlet

like silk

over the pavement.

And all the pebbles ended up dying.

And so did everything and everyone else.

The wind is now trapped in the water

in an endless round of whirls.

It spends it whole day

trying to push its way out,

creating what we call currents.

And that is the story

of how underwater cities

happened to happen.

A silly girl just wanted to be one with the seas…”

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