Falling Leaves and Falling Stars, a poem by Drem

It’s been awhile since I did a poem day. I didn’t post earlier because 1) I was on a date 2) I was tired… 3) my cat was jealous I went out on a date so I had to give him extra attention when I got home.

I woke up 1AM yesterday and didn’t go to bed till 26 hours later. Still think I don’t have a sleep disorder? My head hurts. It’s always like this. /sigh


About the poem: WOW! I don’t really remember writing this. But, it’s really starkly different from my other work. In fact, I don’t think I ever wrote something so pretty before. If you follow me, I write trauma poetry. This still criticizes humanity. But it’s romantic, at the same time. Aww. I must have been in a good mood.

Tell me what you think!


Falling Leaves & Falling Stars, a poem by Drem

Fall 2012

“In August

the sky falls

a  little bit,

depending on where you’re standing.

And bits of the leaves

mix in

with the plastic

and soda can


Fast little shooting stars

burgeoning out from

the center of the ‘Verse

splash backwards

up to the ceiling.

Glitter on the ground

litters it.

Even the stars fall apart.

All of it melts away

and goes

by a gust of the Autumn breeze.

All crumbles away

by the days that pass us.

The seasons pass us.

And if we’re not tending to them

what’s the point of going?

We might as well not

or pull through

on those extra brisk nights

when the thermostat is broke.

Life is shot at

by bolts of wire and light

in the sky.

Even if you’re not living in it,

it’s still going on.

There’s nothing behind that door in your house,

or behind your armoire.

Get out and look.

Nothing but bits of pocket change

and change in colors

and change in shades

and changes is temperatures

made by numbers


singing the praises

of all the ignorant phases

we flesh go through

to incorporate ourselves

into adulthood.

With the soil beneath

our lovely feet.

We’re so focused on us

we don’t believe other people exist

because we can’t see them.

And we don’t believe what we can’t see.

Like faith.

Or people.

All in one glance.

But we can’t keep

picking up

all the leaves

that fall

from the streets

and those dainty

infinite stars

that collapsed

on the streets.

They take up so much space.

We take up so much space.

But we all feed everything.

So it’s worth it

to be a little lazy,

but be a little more open

to possibilities,

with eyes a little more open.

It’s worth it

to just be

and sing wasteful

nonsensical phrases

enjoying the sunlight

and the moonlight

in the bleachers

next to the gasping


that grasps

at the shoreline

with each passing moment

of each passing day

in a rhythm

that matches the blinks

of our eyes

and beats of our hearts.”

(c) Drem 2016 All Rights Reserved

Image by Frank S. Rose. Edited by me in Mac Photos.

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