I’m Sorry Cat (7)

I’m sorry cat… that I give you cocaine, I mean catnip. I’m not trying to make you an addict. I’m trying to make you exercise because you’re fat.


〈 Read more about my therapy cat here.  〉

〉 Part 8 of I’m Sorry Cat is here.

9 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Cat (7)

    1. he got in big trouble tonight. he went in my mexican food dish and toppled it over onto the rug and i had to scrub the rug for 30 minutes. he ran away to the basement while fearing my wrath.

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  1. This is brilliant. Poor thing, exercise is good for you but food is so much more fun. I heard something fascinating about cats and catnip. Apparently they can’t OD or even get addicted. They’ll take as much as they want but their bodies know when they’ve had enough and if you try and give them more they’ll refuse, even running off to another room escaping it. You probably know this or can correct it but I think its an awesome inbuilt ability. Cats are marvellous creatures.

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      1. I’m pretty sure it is but I can’t remember where I heard it. It’s from a podcast or an episode on QI and I’m too lazy to Google to confirm my declaration. It is a pretty cool fact though.


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