Reblog: Pool of Thoughts

I read this, and fell in love…

I smashed your head between

my fingertips and watched

your thoughts pool at my feet.


Source: Pool of Thoughts



Image found on Google Images. I could not make out the original author’s name on the bottom of the image. I then edited the image to tint it red. If this is your image, please contact me directly. I will take it down or give you credit- whatever you wish. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Reblog: Pool of Thoughts

    1. thanks! I feel bad because I took an image someone else did that was credited but the credit was so small I couldn’t make it out. Then, I edited it by making it a little red. Not too much. I hope the artist isn’t offended. There was no link to their work. It was found on Google Images.

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      1. I hate when that happens! Sometimes i dont know why they make it soo small. Hopefully not, if so tell him to make the signature bigger lol 😉😊


      1. Nice! I was able to read one before getting yelled at to get up and out lol. When i get home ill be looking through your blog 😄😀


      2. ty! the poetry is dark. i write trauma biographical poetry. In the tab, there are some (very) short essays included but I rather you focus on the poetry. But that’s just me being controlling and trying to put my best foot forward.

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  1. This is awesome!!!!!!

    Could you guys come check out my blog. I’ve just started and M enthusiastic about created a community of people who can connect about depression and self harm. Thanks!! ❤


    1. My site here has a Write To Heal movement. It covers people from all walks of life who deal with physical and emotional, and/or a crossover of both and write to heal. We’ve had artists from Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and more. Check it out on my main page on the right corner.


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