Writing To Heal Feature: Uniquely Prudz

Prudence, or Prudz for short, is a 23 year old Christian from Johannesburg, South Africa. After being abused, bullied, losing both her parents at a young age, and considering suicide, she turned to writing and faith for the strength to continue living life. She is now a minister. She…

Writes To Heal


Drem: Why do you Write to Heal? Has something happened that moved you to using writing as an art form?
Prudz: Writing is my escape, my voice of truth. My past is filled of loud thing that where muffled by my silence… I was abused. I kept quiet. I was bullied. I kept quiet, My parents died. I kept quiet. My heart was broken into a thousand pieces and I kept quiet… But the Lover of my soul did not… when I encountered I encountered truth… and the truth was ugly because my silence was just a band aid over my wounds leaving me with wounds threatening to amputate me from life… years had gone and I was here leading people, pouring from an empty vase. I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to kill myself. It was there at every hello. It stayed with me at every goodbye. I couldn’t halleluyah without thinking about it. Amen could not stop it… I was so caked up under this mask of pretence but Truth kept on peeling off layers of me that I did not understand how deep this burn out had gone… But my pencil doesn’t lie. As words form they surprise me. Sometimes shocks as the truth spills; they open me to all the festering wounds and brings such a wind of healing. Honestly, my eyes aren’t always the window to my soul. My writing is. I write to open that door to the process of healing that writing has led me through.

Drem: So Truth is your inspiration?
Prudz: Honestly the love of God; how I refuse it, how it opens my eyes to beauty in every situation, how it pursues me even when I’m walking out, how it never gives up on me despite my flaws. It beholds me beautiful and worth loving.

Drem: Did you start writing when you were in the midst of your loss?
Prudz: Long after, I guess it wasn’t until after my Mom died did I actually started writing to heal.

Drem: Why do you continue writing, writing to heal, and as your work changed/evolved over time?
Prudz: To heal some more; heal both myself and whoever crosses the path of my write to heal journey. And my work has become more bold and real, less flaky and more solid, as time goes my work leans more to the major issues than the minor issues that have been made to be major by media. Delving beneath the surface, seeking truth about myself and the world that surrounds me.

Drem: What dreams do you have for your writing now?
Prudz: For it to start a conversation of truth and love, inspire others who think Christianity is a religion to see it as a relationship; where you can let your hair loose and ugly and cry to God about the deep parts that hurt. Ultimately to bring it to lead people to the beginning of true healing and true revealing.


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