I’m Sorry Cat (5)

I’m sorry cat that at 8AM exactly, the urgency to eat overcomes you to the extent you need to meow louder and louder at my bedroom door. For the 5 minutes it takes me to get out of bed, with each of those many passing moments in them, each meow that comes from your mouth is a tone louder… till the point it sounds like someone is murdering you.

I’m sorry you need to run into my door over and over again, and claw at it to get my attention by 8:05 AM. It takes me 5 long, long minutes to get out of bed. And within those 5 minutes your stomach just can’t bare to wait another moment and insanity comes over you.

I’m sorry I drive you to uncontrollable insanity .



〈 Read more about my therapy cat here.  〉

Part 6 of I’m Sorry Cat is here.


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