HAPPY NEW YEAR! To my dear Subscribers, Readers, & many new Friends


I hope this little post reaches you well and sober!

I apologize for not posting. I was having a party and it didn’t wrap up till 4-5AM. I had a great time. I had some of my besties there, as well as new people I’m getting to know. We rang in the New Year with a lot of hope, love, and peace. I also looked really good. Got my nails done and everything! Not to brag, but, you know… 😛


I should get back to my regular blogging schedule in the coming days, and resume my Writing To Heal movement features. My brain is still inflamed. I’m sleeping A LOT. And I need to recover from that one hell of a night ❤ It might take me a day or so. Just know I haven’t forgotten about you!


And before I forget, I want to thank you for the all the support you have given my work. It means the world to me. I don’t go out that much due to illness, and you have been my lifeline. You have given me hope. You have given me confidence. You have given me some pride. My words have reached over 40 countries. I feel very, very blessed. And, it’s all thanks to you.


It’s okay to feel pain. To feel sadness. Depression. Loneliness. Anger. And to express it. I am not ashamed I feel these emotions. It means I’m alive. I’m alive. I’m breathing. I’m real. You’re real! The wheel goes around. To fully experience joy, one must know pain. Let us continue to Write To Heal from our pain, my friends. Let us take this path together.






10 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! To my dear Subscribers, Readers, & many new Friends

  1. I write to heal too! I just now discovered it is a movement! It feels so good not to be alone. Thank you for being here, and sharing. I am a new friend, and I can’t wait to get to know you this year.


  2. This is the most powerful and profound piece of writing I ve read after a long time.(the last paragraph..You have that talent of magnifying the interest with each subsequent sentence.. ascend the reader to reach a higher level perspective and then very smoothly summing up everything through the final lines,leaving the reader feeling profoundly insightful! The same I feel while reading your poetry! )You are truly a remarkable persona Drem! Im so glad I discovered your blog! Keep writing! You are an inspiration for many! Wish you a very Happy New Year! And I really like your series “Write to Heal” (:

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