Why Am I Writing A Series On My Cat When I write Trauma Poetry?

I am a trauma poet and kind of an essayist. I write about terribly sad things that have happened to me. My work is biographical. It leaves me vulnerable. It can affect my personal life- my work and how my family views me.


People who meet Drem on my site seem to think they know me because my work is so honest. They don’t know me. I don’t even know me. There’s more to me than just writing about rape and living with a chronic illness. (I certainly don’t appreciate unsolicited advice on how to cope, FYI).


Anyway, now Miss. Miserable is writing a short series on her cat. Why? Because her cat is cute and funny. I enjoy sharing him with you. Not everything needs to be depressing 100% of the time on ArtOfDrem!


I notice a lot of writers and artists of all kinds have dealt with illness, whether mental or physical, a crossover or both. And many of them have cats.


Cats are great. They don’t force you to be happy when you’re not happy. They’re generally pretty chill when you’re in a mood. They aren’t as demanding as a small dog who barks and needs to be walked. Most use the litter box unless they are sick (get your cat checked for a UTI if he isn’t using the letterbox!) Cats are just great. I think more artists should adopt a cat.


So please, let’s laugh a little and read some of my short tidbits about my cat!


〈 I’m Sorry Cat (1)

〈 I’m Sorry Cat (2)

〈 I’m Sorry Cat (3)

 I’m Sorry Cat (4)

I’m Sorry Cat (5)

I’m Sorry Cat (6)

And that’s just the beginning!

Click “All The Stories” to read them.

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20 thoughts on “Why Am I Writing A Series On My Cat When I write Trauma Poetry?

      1. haha!
        He’s crying at my door now. I literally fed him two minutes ago. I got up, fed up, came back on here and sent that message to you. And he’s back at my door. Maybe he wants cuddle time? He’s so demanding in the morning…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh God.
        That is amazing!!

        I thought mine was bad that when he needs “mommy time” I have to pick him up, sing him a little song, put him next to me, and we hug each other face to face (obviously his arm can’t wrap himself completely around me but he tries). It’s the weirdest thing in the world. But yours topped it!

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      3. Was he born inside? I wish I could walk my cat!! Can he go anywhere?

        My cat was born outside. He was feral. My mom and I worked independently as cat rescuers. We do TNR and domestication. We’ve done over a 100 cats. Since this cat (the only cat we’ve kept. I refused to let him go. I got him certified as a therapy cat because I have a chronic illness) was previously feral, he can’t go out )-:

        I actually tried once. He acted really afraid. I think it reminded him of when he was alone. His mom died, then the rest of his siblings. That’s when we took him in. We couldn’t let him back out because his pack was gone (we his mom showed up one day with the litter, and then got run over within the week before we could start the TNR process).

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      4. Oh that is really sad, yep both cats were born inside, I got them both when they were about 12 weeks, there is a whole long boring story about why I got two, and yes Giz follows us everywhere, when we go to the shops, take my son to nursery, walk the dog. And if we go anywhere in the car he waits till we get back and then yells at us for leaving


      5. I think you should do more. I’d totally read a series like that!

        Do you live in a rural area? It’s probably safer than in an urban area. I live in an urban area. I’d be afraid my cat would get spooked.

        Liked by 1 person

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