I’m Sorry Cat (3)

I’m not trying to body shame you. But you just ate 3 hours ago, and before that a big dinner. You’re only supposed to have 3 meals a day tops and that has turned into- whenever you whine.

Get yourself together, cat! You need to do this for yourself before it’s too late and you get arthritic pain, breathing issues, diabetes and more- all because you love salmon in a can so much. IT’S NOT WORTH IT KITTY! You are WORTH MORE than the salmon!



I write this because I heard people say this to me my whole life. And the old, “you would be pretty… if you lost some weight”.


Part 4 of I’m Sorry Cat here


10 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Cat (3)

  1. I was told I was fat and ugly and should never have been born. It gets in, spreads like a virus and leaches out of every orifice in one for or another. I’m just starting to find my short story voice to tell my stories… Your cat is beautiful and very loved. 😎 Jx

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