Writing To Heal Feature: Amra

Amra is a young woman from Sri Lanka whose work on her blog, Perfect the Days, commonly features poetry rich in imagery, book suggestions, and thought pieces on social injustices she witnesses in her home country and around the world. She takes the experiences of her life in Sri Lanka, a beautiful country that in the recent decades survived the blood shed of a civil war by ethnic divides, and applies that lens to her world view. She discusses feminist issues, political corruption, and the failure of education systems. She…

Writes To Heal

Drem:  Amra, why do you also Write To Heal?
Amra: Write To Heal– I take it metaphorically. Writing repels boredom and that is a form of healing. I write on current affairs too and that I consider is a way of “healing” myself of the anger I feel towards all the injustice and corruption in the world.

Drem:  When did you start writing?
Amra: I started writing when I was fourteen. When I was much younger I used to hate books and writing of any sort. I began writing for competitions in a weekly newspaper which awarded gift vouchers to winners. I also sent articles as a kid reporter.

Drem: Why do you continue and has it changed?
Amra: I continue my writing because I love it. Often I smile at myself looking at what I have created through words or through certain comments which show that readers have evaluated my writing from a different perspective. It is so satisfying. My poems were never selected by the newspaper I mentioned earlier, though my essays always won. I was disappointed because I felt a deep connection to poetry and each rejection depressed me. I remember sending a poem to an Earth Day competition where I emerged second. I had never thought that my poem would be selected and I had thrown my copy in a fury. I would say that that victory was a major turning point, for if not I would have given up on poetry completely. Now I “preserve” my poetry and all other writings. Failure has taught me to extract the good in everything.

Drem: How often do you write?
Amra: I write whenever I feel like I am inspired to. I don’t force myself because I have found that it doesn’t produce satisfying results. But when I do start writing I find it difficult to stop myself.

Drem: When do you write and how? Like, in a journal, on a computer, and what time of day?
Amra: I have no specific time to write. It could be early in the morning after a walk or late at night. When it comes to poetry I copy what I have typed on my mobile into my journal. That makes editing easier as I could focus on the same piece of writing in two different methods. When it comes to long articles I prefer writing them though the editing is done when I type it on my phone.

Drem: Do you have another profession besides blogging on social issues and sharing your poetry?
Amra: Currently I am a student and I am considering options for a profession. But deep in my heart I will continue being a writer.

Drem: What dreams do you have for your writing?
Amra: I have always wanted to publish a novel. Just one good novel. I have started on a serial which I post on my blog. I hope writing it would be an experience or who knows, it could even be the novel I have been thinking of. The serial is called “The Waves Of The Heart”. I also enjoy writing on global issues and I hope to make my blog a network where people could join in and share ideas.

Drem: Where do you find your most inspiration?
Amra: I find inspiration from everyday life, books, basically anything that touches my heart. For instance my poem “Disparity” was inspired by washing dishes; ‘The Reflection Of Truth” by a walk along the lake; and “One In A Million” was inspired by the imaginary picture I had drawn for Miss Havisham in ‘Great Expectations’.

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7 thoughts on “Writing To Heal Feature: Amra

  1. Thank you Amra and Drem. When I think of Sri Lanka I immediately remember the Tsunami… Some of my extended family only just managed to escape. Writing to heal is awesome as are these posts. Jx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I don’t personally hold much hope for things here to get better, not before a major “set back” for mankind, but if there is to be a miracle, it’s people like yourselves that are going to be the catalyst behind it. You have my admiration for your commitment to your world and your people. And as Forrest Gump would say, “And that’s all I gotta say about that.”

    Liked by 1 person

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