Steroids For Multiple Sclerosis Inflammation

I took my first steroid pill. Two more left. I’m feeling tense. Fidgety. Not hungry. Tired even though I just woke up for the day. It’s around 1AM. I think I’m going to go eat something.

I’ve been sleeping a lot because I know my brain is inflamed. I don’t need a scan to tell me what’s up. I’ve had MS for a long time. But my doctor won’t give me a full dose of steroids before I go for a full brain, neck and spine scan to see how my brain has changed. To get an appointment is very difficult. I am going tomorrow.

My thoughts are really scattered and I’m shaking a little. I don’t know if it’s from the steroids or my illness or being tired.
I can’t keep track of this post or what I’m trying to say.


I’m gonna go eat something.

And maybe I’ll fall asleep while watching TV.


I cried earlier before I took the steroids. I’m very sad.


Oh and usually I don’t take pills for steroids. I get infusions.

18 thoughts on “Steroids For Multiple Sclerosis Inflammation

    1. hi gary,
      ended up having to cancel. the weather is soo bad, and on top of it the steroids are brutal with mood swings and aches and breathing.
      but i haven’t lost hope! i hope to reschedule soon.

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    1. Same problem. I had to cancel my scans today. I didn’t sleep. I went crazy mad at the world. I couldn’t think straight. All my thoughts were jumbled up. And from being so tense, my body pain got even WORSE. And I live in severe chronic pain to begin with. So for me to say it’s worse, it’s beyond help.


    1. Yes!!! Today I am so completely gone. I can’t even remember how many benadryl I had to take. Probably 6 throughout the night. + my normal meds + pain killers because I was in so much pain. Then I got angry, which is really unlike me. I turn all my anger inwards- which is was depression is.

      Were you on them for MS as well?


      1. Yes. I was in the hospital for 6 days, 5 of them on Solumedrol IV drip, the steroids. OMG my face was swollen like a round moon. I was just recently diagnosed with MS. I’ve been off the steroids for a week now, and I feel like it’s still in my system. I’m just ready to sleep! I have terrible insomnia now.


      2. They stay in for like 3 weeks. I can’t even. I’ve been in that situation. I take drips for long term steroids and that’s what I need now. But my dr won’t give me anything because she says I need a scan. But the scan is far away and takes a long time. My mom was like just give her the regular steroids in the hospital but NO even though I’ve had MS for a long time nobody trusts me. I’ve had to switch doctors 3 times. I have 40 lesions. My brain is lit up like a Christmas tree. And still they don’t trust me.

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