8 thoughts on “Hitler’s Pansies

      1. It’s the ones that deny it happened that are the scariest, so ignorant, misguided. I think it was Patton who opened the camps up and told the world to take pictures and spread the word because one day someone will deny this happened. They are now.
        Sad thing is ISIS, ISIL whatever you call them are doing the same now. For a different cause, but no leas abhorrent or evil.


      2. I had family member who had the ambassadors of a Muslim country (where sha’ria and such is law) come over her house (husband is in politics) and deny the holocaust happened. This was before ISIS. I don’t know if they had any terrorist ties. I don’t know what happened to them. All I know is that my aunt, one of the hosts, left the table.

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  1. A very beautiful but tragic poem. My husband’s grandparents are both Dachau survivors. He was raised by them and has a deep connection to Poland and Germany. One day we will go there and stay. Thank you for re blogging Drem. Jx

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    1. I have one survivor from Poland, and 2 from Austria. Unfortunately I never met either of them. They were my great-great grandparents.
      I am told I look Austrian when my hair is back to its natural blonde 😛
      I wish to visit as well.
      Prayers for your survivors.


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