Writing To Heal Feature: Singer/Songwriter Jackie Paladino

Jackie Paladino is a fantastic singer/songwriter from the tri-state area in the USA. We actually met in real life way back when in University. However, neither of us remember how! It must have been an English class. In any case, we kept in touch via social media and I have watched how her voice as an artist evolved over the years. I had the opportunity to interview Jackie to catch up on how she has been and find out her story and creative process. Take a listen and know she too…

Writes To Heal

Drem: Why do you Write To Heal? Has something happened that moved you to using writing as an art form?

Jackie: I’ve always used writing as a source of expression since I can remember, but I started taking (song)writing very seriously when I was dancing quite a bit and was suffering with major body dysmorphia/an eating disorder. I’m a huge fan of the artist Melody Gardot, of both her music and her story. Doctors suggested she use her artistic abilities to heal after a serious car accident, and since creating music is cheaper than therapy, she inspired me to do the same.


Drem: Where do you find your most inspiration?

Jackie: We write what we know! All of my songs are autobiographical. Romance is a strong source of inspiration as it is with most writers, so naturally I find myself writing about various types of love. I don’t want focus solely on romance, though, since there are so many other facets of life worth discussing. My song “Who’s Gonna Love Me” for example is about how we all have to love ourselves before we can love anything or anyone in our life, and my song “We All Make Mistakes” is both an apology for doing wrong and a cry for compassion and forgiveness. Mostly, I like to use songwriting as a source to say what I need to say to someone when the door is closed and I have no other method of communicating with them. We can’t always win in real life, but we can win in our songs.


Drem: When did you start writing? Was it during your times of hardships or was the creativity always within you?

Jackie: I’ve been writing since I can remember. I started with short stories and poetry when I was younger and dabbled in songwriting in high school. It wasn’t until I got to college that I really started investing time into songwriting.


Drem: Why do you continue writing, writing to heal, and has your work changed/evolved?

Jackie: I continue writing because it’s always been part of my life and because I feel like my art is my legacy. Possessions, experiences and relationships all come to an end, but our art is everlasting. There’s something very powerful about knowing that


Drem: How often do you write/commit to your work? You’re very prolific.

Jackie: I used to write every single day, but now I schedule sessions at least once a week to write. I go through periods where I write more than that and periods where I need to take a break. Mostly I don’t need to push myself very hard to find the inspiration to create though.


Drem: When do you write and how? Like, in a journal, on a computer, and what time of day?

Jackie: There’s no specific time of day that I write. Sometimes I scribble ideas into a journal at work and then work on them after work or sometimes I’m traveling, other times I’m at home relaxing and use writing to entertain myself. I rarely ever use a computer to write though, I’m pretty old-fashioned that way.


Drem: Me too! Do you have a different profession besides this?

Jackie: Right now I work at a startup as a social media strategist. I’ve held a variety of odd jobs in addition to making music and in a way I prefer it that way. There’ve been situations when I have tried working on art full-time and I find that I’m more productive and happier when I have another job and source of income independent from music. I also enjoy the social aspect that working endows, since writing is very private work and can become quite lonely at times.


Drem: What dreams do you have for your writing/art now?

Jackie: I’d love to get a publishing deal or record deal. More importantly I’d love to help people through the struggle in their lives and find beauty within that struggle via music.


For more on Jackie Paladino…

Her YouTube
〈 Her Vevo account.
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〈 And her LinkedIn page.


Mini Bio: Born in New York and raised in central New Jersey, Jackie Paladino is a singer-songwriter whose voice has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse, Billy Holiday, and Adele.  She was introduced to the piano at the age of six, and developed her understanding of storytelling and performance through off-Broadway theatre, dance competitions, and musical vocational school.  It wasn’t until Jackie returned to her birth state to attend the music theatre program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts that she discovered her true calling.  “When everyone else was memorizing lines to songs and stories, I was writing my own stories through song, belting out the tunes of Etta James, Duffy, and Alicia Keys along the way.”  She released her first two singles “You Gotta Be” and “You Should’ve Known” and recently released her first EP “Voice of a Vagabond.”  Jackie has performed at venues in the tri-state area such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, World Cafe Live, BBKings, amongst others and has collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Ivan Corraliza (Christina Aguilera, Jessie J) and producers Chris Griffin (Madonna, John Legend) and Tyrone Corbett.

Her EP, Voice of a Vagabond
〈 Contact For Performance and Management Opportunities:             JackiePaladinoMusic@Gmail.com



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