Writing To Heal Feature: Dominic M. Xander

Dominic M. Xander (洪文龍) is a 20-something from a small city in Southeast Asia whose currently a full-time personal essayist and poet.

We connected over a poetry group on Facebook. He too…


Writes To Heal

Drem: Dom, what made you want to be a part of this movement?

Dom: Hmm… Just the phrase… ‘Write To Heal’. When I first saw the post shared on Facebook, I just clicked on it and started reading, and I just thought to myself, ‘hey, here’s a good chance for me to share my writing with even more people.’ So at first, it was to me, a really good opportunity to be known by, hopefully, a lot more readers and poetry lovers than just the few friends and family members I have who ‘liked’ my FB page. But then the more I thought about it as I’m reading it on your site [Art Of Drem], I realised… I’m doing it, I am writing to heal. And it’s weird, I never thought about that, it did help me in the healing process. And I’ve always felt, it was just a good way for me to express myself through writing.


Drem: What experience lead you to writing to heal?

Dom: Well, I’ve always been spontaneous with my life; whatever it is I feel I should do, I do them, if there’s something I want, I try to get it. I guess if I were to try and translate the way I felt when I first started writing, into words, it would probably be this, ‘the depression I was dealing with was coming down on me, I was down and broken, and miserable.’ Then a good friend told me I should try writing. And so I did, and eventually it was out there for the world to read.


Drem: Why do you continue?

Dom: It is calming and in a way cathartic. It clears my mind and gives me room to breathe. I always have so much ideas and theories inside my head, and writing is the best way I know to let them out. And then there is the fun of translating those ideas into symbols and trying to make them pleasing to read, rhyme, and metaphoric. I think that is style of my writing, for the most part.


Drem: When did you start writing?


Dom: I started writing a few months before I created my blog. A few months before August of last year, a good friend of mine who lives nine thousand miles away from me, recommended that I should. We met in an online video game, which I was playing exclusively at the time. We got to chatting for awhile, exchanged e-mail, told him some stuff about me, he did the same. And eventually, I started with a short essay; a short introduction about myself, my growing-up, and just the way I felt about my life in general as my younger self.


Drem: When do you write and how? How as in, in a journal, on a computer? And, is there a particular time of day that gets you in the mood?

Dom: I write only when ideas come to me; I could be playing video games, watching a video on Youtube, reading up on something on the internet, or just laying in bed or sitting in a chair. When the words and ideas show up in my head, I just start writing them out. Mostly spontaneous; the way I feel in the moment, abstract ideas, fantasies, personal stuff, the pass, the future. I try to mix them up and be creative. It is a calming experience when I write. I do all my writing on my computer, but if I’m out and about and an idea pops in my head, I just write a short version of it or just a word, that to me, represents the idea, in the notes app on my iPhone, then work off of those ideas on my computer when I get home. I write during the night mostly, I have found, I tent to be more creative when I do. 

Drem: How often do you make the time?

Dom: Maybe three times a month(?), on average. It’s never certain. Sometimes once a month, or even once every two to three months. Especially when the piece I’m working on is really abstract and metaphoric, I like to take my time with those, to make sure they are exactly what I want them to be. Yeah, I’m a perfectionist.


Drem: What dreams do you have for your writing?

Dom: I’d love to make it my profession [for life]. I’m not sure how difficult it’s going to be, but that’s what I’m going for. I’ll be looking into Google AdSense sometime at the start of next year. It’s pretty much down time for me for the rest of December now so, no burning myself out, no worries, just Zen.


Drem: Finally, where do you find the most inspiration?


In the warmth of my room
In my blue swivel chair
With a cup of Japanese tea
The thoughts they come
The ideas are presented
I’m as calm as can be
No hustle or rush
Just me and my computer
Trapped in my own little world
I start typing away
The symbols are formed
In a pattern of random twirl

To view Dom’s blog, visit Another Life, Another Time & Place.

To connect with him on Facebook, like Dom’s Poetry.


If you too Write To Heal, please visit Become A Featured Artist.


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