Richest Homeless In The World, a poem by Drem

Hia. I wrote this poem awhile ago and am trying to narrow it down more and focus it. I may keep editing it. It’s about living on disability checks/government assistance and bad investments.

Richest Homeless In The World, by Drem

Originally Written April 8, 2012 & Rewritten Dec. 23, 2015

“What the hell are you

talking about-

calculated risk?

You sit down to tell me

that I should sit down

so you can tell me

this story

of financing

and I got to tell you

it’s not convincing

’cause you’re making money

and he’s making money

all with my money.

What do you think

I’m supposed to be thinking?

This is the place

where there’s paved golden streets.

This shouldn’t be happening.

We got the richest homeless

the world’s ever seen.

They sleep upon waterproof


on top of a heated sewer vent

on the streets

and they eat and eat

unearned fake meat.

This shouldn’t be happening.

The cement isn’t gold.

It’s blown with crystals, diamonds,

and sparkles now.

Nobody can figure out

the path it took to get here.

It’s a needle in a cliched haystack.

But you forget

that I’m a pyromaniac.

I can find it.

Find it.

Take it down

with you

and take us outside the city

so we can see the meteor shower

due this Tuesday.

And I’ll grab it,

what falls

from up there too

from my perspective.

And I’ll take it all

to a coffeeshop.

And buy a latte and a lollipop.

And I’ll cash it all in,

in the next pawn shop

on the side of the road.

I’m that dirty and desperate

to feed me and my family.

This shouldn’t be happening.

I would if I could

do more things

but genetics

put a limit

on my capabilities.

It’s funny

’cause I wouldn’t feel anything

if I sold my heart

for a buck fifty.

This girl, right here,

that you can’t see

but you can hear-

she’s crying

because cars and gas

cost money

and alternative ways

of doing things

are even more expensive.

Getting a custom wheel,

paying for physical therapy.

She feels guilty.

And would do anything

to cut herself off

from the stacked up offices

to get more freedom

to make more money

for herself.”

(c) Drem of 2015

9 thoughts on “Richest Homeless In The World, a poem by Drem

      1. I don’t understand how someone can live on our disability checks. After the government health insurance is taken out which is $300 (which is actually pretty low) you’re left with around $1,000. I don’t understand how someone can live on that- pay rent, utilities, food, and basic clothing. Rent here is usually $1,200 and up alone.

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      2. I often wonder if it’s to prevent people from relying too heavily on government help. The thing is, people would never be holding out their hands for help unless they were desperate in the first place.


      3. Yeah but if you are on disability, you can only make up to a certain amount of money (which is very, very little- about $800-$1000) so it still doesn’t work. And most people need to get lawyers to get on disability. It’s a very hard thing to get.

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  1. Sometimes people choose to be homeless as strange as it may sound. I lived on the streets for a year because I was young (16), alone and in a strange country by choice. I relied heavily on the generosity of strangers and for a time I traveled from city to city in huge trucks (Kenworth type things). Every one has their reasons and some are not by choice. Mental health, addiction…anywhere than being at home. In NZ I didn’t see much of it but it’s there. They have their own communities. Here in Australia it is mostly displaced indigenous Aboriginals with mental health and addiction problems…often whole families from babies to adolescents. That’s how they are raised. They defecate and fornication in public and as people of the land, their land, they don’t care. They are an ancient people, who were raped and pillaged not too long ago either. That type of pain is hard to bear. Governments are to blame today. Corporate greed, cuts to basic rights to almost every sector except the wealthy. If I were Carl Marx, I would be expecting an uprising. ..capitalism can not continue to divide and conquer like days gone by. We’ve all seen how that decimates humanity. The world is changing and fast… they (Corporate capitalists) only want to make a last ditch money grab at our expense. They know it’s going to be shortlived. ..but then they make their laws to suit don’t they… Jx


    1. It is true here that mental illness and addiction are some of the main culprits to our homeless, and probably the most obvious ones. However, in NYC at least, it’s because the outer boroughs psych institutions (i.e., Willowbrook which is now part of a college campus) which were extremely inadequate and in fact abusing the residents, were closed by 1) budget cuts 2) outcries from public that rape and improper care were rampant. I am an advocate for the longterm institutionalization of extremely mentally ill people, and I refuse to give them the write to “sign themselves out” (that was a reform done to prevent innocent people from being institutionalized, like young pregnant women and that was popular in the 1950s, for example. Obviously young pregnant women would not fall under the category I am referring to). I know that’s infringing on an individual’s life. But, if they are a clear danger to themselves and others, too bad. And I’d be more than happy to pay for it. There are not enough institutions, let alone institutions that separate according to sex and age. An 18 year old girl should not be on the safe floor with unlocked doors as a 54 year old man. Nope. You know why? He tries to rape her. Seen it with my own eyes. I could make a blog post about that experience.

      And people are always saying an uprising is going to happen. I doubt it. Literally every decade since Marxism became popular people were like NOW IS THE TIME when truth is people like the 9-5 status quo. The only reason China is doing as well as they are right now, with a rising middle class, is because they began incorporating capitalism. And, look at North V South Korea. Now that’s a whole other situation there due to trade agreements and blockades. But in any case the North’s fixed self-sufficient economy did not last long. And though communism and socialism are two different political/economic systems (and in this cause I’m talking economic) I think they’re close enough to pull examples from in this conversation.

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      1. You know in NZ in the 90s the powers that be decided to close down our psyche institutions and literally turfed out all these totally institutionalised mentally unwell people into residential settings! They were under resourced, given hardly any welfare benefits, did not have life skills for looking after themselves, then when the uproar about it died down, they were simply forgotten. The forensic mental health facility is still there for the seriously dangerous patients though but again totally under resourced and full. House arrest anklets (home detention) is being used a lot, and gps monitored and they are living everywhere in suburbia. I can remember a serial rapist figuring out out to get out of his… In NZ we do not have any known serial killers (unlike Australia which us riddled), however we do have mass murderers and serial rapists. I agree that the seriously unwell should be kept safe and they are indeed, historically speaking, treated as lower class citizens with little or no rights and as such easy targets for abusers. We all know that pedophiles for example, choose positions where they have pretty much uninterrupted access to these vulnerable people. To think back In the old (and not so old) days, women were locked up for ‘Hysteria’ and often by their abusive husband’s for ulterior motives…what can be done? No one with any clout gives a shit. Jx

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