Writing To Heal Feature: Tathina

Tathina is an author from Philadelphia who is now living in the NYC/Connecicut area. She is on her own path of self-realization, connection, and understanding. She…

Writes To Heal


Drem: I am here to highlight others who also Write To Heal. How do you write to heal?
Tathina: For me writing is a form of meditation. It is how I connect with Truth/God/the Divine. I write as a way to express my Truth. And in doing this, this is healing. The lies are the wounds and the Truth is the true medicine. With writing, I am allowed to be myself. This continually heals all the wounds in my psyche that say being however I am is not okay. When I am writing, there is just a blank, vast space and I have the freedom to be and in doing this I allow Truth to speak through me. I allow Life to use me.


DHave you felt connected with Drem’s “Write To Heal” movement, and if so how and why?
T:  … I love how the movement supports people in their freedom of expression. This is healing. Everyone has a song in their heart to sing. Some may use writing to share or some may be quiet with it and this is okay too. All that matters is that you allow the song to play.


DWhen did you start writing?
T: So I started writing when I was young (poems and short stories), but I started writing about the spiritual journey at the end of 2010 on an old blog I had about “The Dark Night of the Soul” as I was in the thick of this. I had been searching for fulfillment, truth, and peace. I searched through many paths, teachers, and religions and then I realized I was still suffering and asked for help which came shortly. But the first article I wrote “Getting through the Dark Night of the Soul” was my first time putting myself out there with writing. I wouldn’t say it was all the way authentic yet though. It was more about what I felt deep inside, but wasn’t living yet. So I took a break from writing for a year or two and focused on healing and meeting these old wounds with the help of my spiritual teacher. Then I started my blog The Invitation and wrote a book called The Invitation (to Live) (the Truth) to share the invitation with readers/seekers to use whatever challenges are in your Life to discover your true nature as already being whole and healed. Even though we have wounds and painful experiences, nothing can truly touch who you are. Everything is here to get our attention in the present moment. So this is why writing is healing for me. It is one way that I bring my attention back Here in the Now. There is no writer when I write.


DWhen do you write and how? Like, in a journal, on a computer, and what time of day?
T: I write whenever and however. Whenever I feel the inspiration and I feel the impulse to write. This could be on a computer or a napkin in the car. It is not of my own doing. I don’t force anything. I just finished a writing challenge I created on my blog called A-Z of Life lessons. It is about sharing lessons you have learned or are learning. This is healing and it is a surprise what can come up. It took me about 5 months to finish all 26 lessons because I never forced it. I didn’t even know if I would finish. But somehow the right lesson would come to me and I would surrender to this and share.


DHow often do you write?
T: It is spontaneous when I write. I can write each day, several times a day or once a month or less.


DWhy do you continue?
T: I don’t know why I continue to write. Writing naturally happens so I allow it. Writing is one form of expression. We all can express our Truth in many ways. Dancing, singing, painting, photography, cooking and the list goes on. I am always trying new things. Re-inventing myself and not putting myself into a box. And I’m not trying to be “good,” I am only wanting to be authentic and to have fun with it. I allow everything to be playful and this is how creativity can live and use us as vessels for its expression. This is communion with our Self. And there are many ways for this.


D: What do you think made you start writing?
T: I basically answered this in the first question. I started writing during a very challenging time, almost as a subconscious way to ask for help from the universe. But what really made me start writing was that it was inevitable. I was attracted to express through the written format. I had to share myself in this way like the sun has to share its rays with us or a flower has to share its beauty with us or a thunderstorm has to share its power with us. Whatever you are attracted to do in Life is inevitable even though it may take time to really come together. But it’s God’s play through you. And we discover this when we are willing to be wrong, when we are willing to take a risk, when we are willing to be ourselves no matter the consequences, in order to be true. Then it is a surprise how this endless journey unfolds and the potential you discover in yourself. So I was true to this impulse. I never thought I was a writer. I don’t put myself in that box, but writing does happen. Writing is just one way Life expresses through me. And this is the case for everyone. I remind people of this through my blog challenges (I have creativity, play, meditation and a few more fun challenges on my blog). Everyone is an artist, one just needs to see their whole Life as their masterpiece, their symphony and BE.


DDo you have a different profession in real life?
T: No I don’t have a different profession. I write (my book The Invitation (to Live) (the Truth) on amazon and through my blog) and share myself through Satsang (meetings in Truth) with anyone who resonates with my invitation. I went to college for psychology in Philadelphia, but I realized after graduating and dropping out of graduate school right after the orientation that this was not where my heart was anymore. So I’m open to how Life will use me…


DWhat dreams do you have for your writing?
T: I don’t really have any dreams for my writing. Just living in the moment with it and taking it one day at a time. Listening to where Life wants to take me. I am open to connecting with a publisher to help me with the self published book I have in making it the best it can be and really getting it out there to the hearts it is meant to reach.


DWhere do you find your most inspiration?
T: I find inspiration everywhere. All of Life, every season, every color, every flavor, every experience, is inspiration. My photography is usually inspired by nature like the ocean or mountains or wherever else I explore. Being a Scorpio sun sign, I do have a natural affinity for water in all of its forms. 🙂


You can see Tathina’s work on her blog, The Invitation To Live The Truth.

Her Satsang meetings and everything else can be found on her main website, Tathina.

You can purchase her book,  The Invitation (to Live) (the Truth), on Amazon or East West Bookshop.



If you are interested in being a featured writer on Drem’s website through the Write To Heal movement, please refer to here. Thank you.



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      1. maybe it will remind u to finish ur interview.

        we have all been through things. i have about 10 artists now for the series thus far. the best inspiration/motivation can blossom from our darkest times.

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