Writing To Heal Feature: Jodine Derena Butler

Jodine is a fantastic writer from New Zealand. We connected on WordPress early on in my endeavors. We find inspiration in each other’s work. We give each other strength. We both…

Write To Heal

Here’s a Q & A I did with Jodine recently that highlights her life’s journey and her Writing To Heal process.


Jodine, to start, where are you from? What’s your life like?                                            
     I was born in New Zealand and moved to Cairns, Queensland, Australia in 2011 where I currently reside. I have two dogs, two cats, two adult daughters, three grandsons (and counting), four stepchildren and one awesome husband!
I have been a counsellor, social worker, supervisor, group facilitator, sex worker and more recently a cosmetic tattoo artist at Cosmech Ink, our tattoo business, but I’m too blind, my anxiety goes through the roof and I start to shake. Not good with a tattoo machine in my hand! At the moment I am a stay at home wife and stepmother to two beautiful girls.
And of course, you’re a writer. When did you start writing?
     I was introduced to poetry at primary school, like everyone was as part of the curriculum, learning Haiku and Rhyme. I knew I loved writing then. I won a story competition in high school for English at age 13, at Te Awamutu College, in the King Country of New Zealand. I always got top marks for English. I did three undergraduate papers in creative writing as part of a Certificate of Proficiency, thinking I would apply for the Master of Creative Writing degree at Auckland University. I passed well but I had a meltdown. I wasn’t ready then.
Well, I can see you’re ready to keep writing now! When do you write and how? Is there a specific time of day you set aside to work?
     I write whenever I feel words and thoughts are ‘coming to me’. Usually if I am processing a problem or feeling. Age has changed how I write as I have more experience to draw from. In my 20’s, I tended to write more during the day and always in rhyme. The content was more about relationships, trying to understand them and myself in them. My 30’s was more during the night, all night often, and I would experiment with different styles and ways ie: randomly point to a list of words from the dictionary and then work with my unconscious to see what came about. In my 40’s, I did some creative writing classes and learned other tecniques, the names of different styles ie: stream of consciousness, appropriation, list poems etc and began to read more about other poets work ie: Sylvia Plath, Alan Curnow, Wystan Curnow and Miriam Barr. I wrote less, but better executed.
     I used to physically write on paper, then into journals, then on computer and now I write ‘live’ to my blogs via my Android S4 and edit often. I need to print my work out as I have no physical copy but I am always editing.
You have so many different venues to put your work out. You must be writing more often now.
     Whenever I feel the words coming. It depends. If I am going through a traumatic time, I write more. As I learn to see and appreciate happiness, I try to write about that rather than problems, but it’s much harder for me however I’m improving all the time.
In a traumatic time, it’s hard to see the light. Why do you continue? What keeps you going and gives you the strength?
     I write to heal and it’s good for me and others… To make sense of my childhood, depression (I have Persistent Depressive Disorder) and trauma (I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I sought the aid of therapy for years to address these issues which reared its ugly head in my earlier relationships. I needed to find a way of articulating my thoughts, feelings and actions in order to heal. I started Head Lines NZ, to encourage others to do the same by promoting mental health awareness in New Zealand.
     …Life, love, pain, death. I like to include mythology a lot. Maori, Greek, Irish, Welsh and others. I have written one poem for an American friend Chip Allan of The Pine Ridge Philosopher , where I researched the meaning of a phrase I wanted to include in Comanche in my poem Mother Nature’s Siren Song for Poetry Out West. He emailed me a little about where he lived in West Virginia which inspired me.
What dreams do you have for your writing now?
     I am reconsidering doing a Masters in Creative Writing at James Cook University.  I want to publish a book of poetry, a memoir in poetry of sorts. I also want to publish an Anthology of my New Zealand national poetry E-zine Head Lines NZ. It is open to Kiwis all over the world and I have a wonderful eclectic range of contributors who I would love to see in print.

Her poetry is published on Poetry Out West.
Her New Zealand mental health articles are on Headlines NZ.

Her fiction is found on Far North Fiction:
The family business & photo creditor Jason Majewski’s can be seen on Cosmech Ink.



If you’d like to be a Featured Write To Heal artist, please e-mail ArtOfDrem@Gmail.com.





18 thoughts on “Writing To Heal Feature: Jodine Derena Butler

  1. Thank you Drem. Just one small but important correction. I am not a journalist. I would say ‘writer’. My husband is the tattoo artist so none of my work will be up on Cosme Ink, sadly. I tried but I shake lol. Drem, you have done a great article. It must have taken you a while to put together. I appreciate the effort you have made to include me here. Thank you. Could you please send me the entire article link so I can post it to my websites? Or do I just copy and paste? I will need your link then in that case. You are truly an inspiration. Jx


  2. Hey Drem, I re blogged the post but my photo does not display AND I tried to repost on my other posts but it won’t let me because I have already re blogged. ..? I’m only on my Android and figuring out how to do these things is foreign to me. My very first re blog was Dream Big Dream Often. How do I re blog to my other sites…? Jx


    1. you have to be logged into your other sites. and i noticed the pictures aren’t there when i reblog sometimes. i upload the feature image.

      it’s fine the way it is. u don’t need to reblog.

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      1. Ok, I’m truly sorry. I’m a bit slow like that…i went to school WITHOUT computers of any sort, let alone Androids lol. Thank you for understanding and trusting me Drem 😚 Much love and support. Jxx


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