More Than A Gust Of Wind, a poem by Drem


More Than A Gust Of Wind, a poem by Drem

October 5, 2013


I sit here



a silver dollar

sliced in half

and sharpened

sharp enough

to tear up

all the ragged bits

of my hanging out

broken heart.

If all I am to you

is some ghost,

not a girl

just some



that inspires you

and comforts you

without a touch,

without a hand.

Only my words

of encouragement

and my time to hear

your past, your thoughts.

It’s not worth it.

You forget I’m real.

And I’m sad

most of the time.

I’m real

and I’m sad

alone with my pen and my books

at night,

not that you notice this

or notice anything outside

the gate

of your immediate


We can sit and talk for hours

and you’d still have no idea

that I was crying.

You’d leave the conversation

saying you had the impression

my life is perfect

and that I’m so happy

and you’d say you didn’t hear me

when I said

I got bad test results.

That I’m sick

and haven’t slept.

No, my world is not wonderful.

Nothing but pleasant things


turkish delights,



we eat.

No, you eat.

I’m real.

As real as you.

Come down.

See me.

Come down.

Look at me,

in me.

Not through

my body.

I’m just as real as you.

And my sadness is just

as valid as your sadness.

Things that happen

as we travel

wear the soles of my shoes

just as much as the soles of your boots.

If all I am to you

is a gust of wind

I’ll never get

to hold your hand.

If you let me in,

if you saw the girl

hanging on your every whim

I’d be all I could be for you.

And no one here

would ever be alone

or invisible

or lonely


(C) Drem of 2015

Photograph: Girl in a Tornado 220/365 by Alexis Mire on Flickr

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