Recycling My Time, a poem by Drem

I get a kick out of trolling idiots on here who post mean things. And fucking with people who post hateful stuff, especially hateful stuff towards women. I know, freedom of speech. Blah blah. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a little evil. Or a communist. 😛

I’m going to post this poem because I know a lot of you out there actually read my stuff and look forward to it. Every email I got really lifted my spirits. My brain is still inflamed but I’m trying my best.

I will admit this is not my best work by far. But let me know if you found any part interesting.


Recycling My Time, by Drem

December 17, 2015

“I remove myself

from my body.

But at least I’m honest

when I say I’m on it.

Like tonight

breaking the pills apart,

mixing them in applesauce

because my stomach lining

went years ago,

it’s gone.

It’s routine now.

The bitter taste of the

chalky compounds

that stick to the back

of my mouth.

It means I’ll soon be happy.

I look forward to removing.

I look forward to the removal

of my soul

from my bones

if only for a while while.

Now, I still have

that bitter taste

and my body

is still in pain.

It didn’t work.

Nothing works.

I’ve been speeding too long.

This is what happens

when you’re old, like me

and been dealing with this shit

for as long, like me.

Tolerance. High tolerance.

More and more, no stop it.

Still no relief.

Vacation time from toxins

for me

means no white sand or sunscreen.

I’ll be stuck in my own skin

for weeks on end

in a bed.

I don’t shiver

or puke

but I cry

because I know I’m recycling my time.

A fresh start,

I begin again.

And I cry.

The tastes,

the nausea, the chronic pain I have no control over.

Those aren’t my eyes now.

They’re ink wells.”




7 thoughts on “Recycling My Time, a poem by Drem

  1. Lol, Drem you must be psychic! You posted this as I was reading about thrifting/up-cycling (which is Hipster-ese for thrifting).

    Concerning you poem: Chemo-autoimmune sisters unite! Pills, pills, and more pills *sigh* The worst are the pills that dissolve under the tongue (like steroids); its not the taste just the sensation is so bizarre *shudders*

    Good luck with your poetry, your blog is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Becca,
      UNITE! WOO!

      And I don’t do the chemo pills or chemo steroids. Mine are all infusions. And now no wonder my veins are all blown. I can make a poem out of that alone. Let me know if you find another interesting!



  2. “I look forward to the removal if my bones from my soul”, is a very powerful statement. Chronic pain requires relief. My husband sometimes opens his prescribed pills, empties the powder into a cup, mixes it with a little bit if boiling water, then tops it up with warm full cream milk, it helps put a lining on your stomach. Apparently it gives you an immediate pain relief, but best taken when you want to sleep. He goes through cycles to manage his pain and addiction. Trying one sort for a while till it stops working, then another etc. We are waiting to see the chronic pain team but wondering what else they can do… love to you Drew. I know you will have tried everything. ..Jx


    1. I never did the milk thing. I sometimes have issues with dairy but it still sounds like a good idea. It is a cycle. For me, it isn’t an addiction. It’s just that I’m in pain that isn’t going away and I developed a really high tolerance.


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