Sup (blog post)

I know I didn’t get back in touch with a lot of you. Just wanted you to know I got your emails. I’m alive. Just feeling sick.


I have no desire to write. I wrote two things. They were both stupid.

I can’t help but notice a lot of people write things that have no point. I’m not saying you do this. But in the general WordPress public, I’m left with a usual “AND WHAT’S YOUR FLUFFY POINT?” question, which I never ask because that’s rude.

I don’t want to be that person.

I want to have a point to my work.


Tired. Maybe I’m still just tired. Too tired for this. To write. To get up. Go out. Turn my phone on. Reply to texts. Dare I even pick up the phone?- HELL NO. Even if it’s not my phone I’m not picking it up. And I’m not getting the door. And I’m not watching educational television anymore. My mind needs a break.


I wrote a lot about my anxieties. The beginning of one section of my 2nd poem I wrote is not that stupid. I might share it eventually.


My throat hurts because I scream so much in my sleep. I bought licorice throat lozenges.


Nothing is really going right but I need to get used to that.


I’m also in love with Mr. March.






9 thoughts on “Sup (blog post)

    1. I’m sorry. I’ve been quite ill. I am trying to pull myself up. I hope to start writing again soon because that brought me much comfort, as I assume writing does for you as well. It is quite a peaceful act. I need to be centered and focused enough. Thank you very much for the kind email Amra. You are a very kind person.

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    1. Hi Jodine,
      Slowly but surely. Maybe another week or two. But, if I get my chemo and steroids that makes me quite ill so who knows. The side affects of these MS medications are often worse than the disease (unless I am in full paralysis, which I currently am not. I am also able to swallow on my own).

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