Multiple Sclerosis Impairing My Life, update from Drem

Hello friends,

I’m having a lot of issues with my right hand that is now affecting my typing. It won’t stop shaking.  Now also my speaking and thinking correctly due to my multiple sclerosis are impaired. I feel like I have a brick in the front of my brain blocking my thoughts. Took a big turn for the worst today. I wasn’t feeling right for awhile but ignoring it. And here it is.


I’m going to have to be out of Drem for a bit. I don’t know how long. Maybe a day or two. Maybe longer.

I don’t know if I’ll seek treatment or not.




39 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Impairing My Life, update from Drem

  1. Life gets us to stop and take a well needed break in intense ways sometimes. I’m glad you are listening to your body, to yourself and resting. Allow healing and balance for yourself. Everything else can wait for you. This is embracing the feminine. Listening to her. Listening to when we need to stop and be patient and nurture ourselves with attention. To not go over our natural limits. Like my poem you found me through. Being compassionate to you and your body since only you know what you truly need in the moment. Sending Love and healing vibes. ❤ Namaste'.


    1. Thank you. I hope to start writing again soon. I’ve been sleeping so much. I started going to bed at 5pm or 6pm and actually having to wake myself up to post. Plus, I have been taking two hour naps during the day. Something is wrong. My body needs rest. Waiting so long for a brain scan isn’t helping matters either. I don’t know how it is in NZ, but the USA is still a mess. I can’t get my proper scans of my brain, neck, and spinal chord.

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      1. It’s bad here in Australia too, I think NZs not too bad…If the privateers aren’t getting big money, they don’t care if it kills you. This is the horrendous corporate world we live in. Only the wealthy survive. Maybe Darwin was right…God help us!


      2. In my case here, I have good insurance and a good secondary insurance. There are just so many sick people and too few doctors who specialize in my disease trajectory. I need a certain machine to do my tests. And, there are very, very few. In fact, there is only 1 machine in all of NYC who can perform the test I need. NYC has like, what, 8 million+ people or something? that’s crazy. the other machines don’t pick up smaller brain, spine, and neck lesions. And since lesion size doesn’t matter, it’s important to pick up even the small lesions to take down the inflammation.

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  2. Drem, sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better in a couple of days.Take it easy and try to relax, but don’t give up.. Please seek help if you need it. All your blog followers would miss hearing from you.


    1. Hello Grevis,
      I am trying to get back to it. I have received many warm concerns via email and I miss posting, even though it hasn’t been long at all. I need to take some time for me and either not post or post less.

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      1. I understand how you feel.You are right.I have found that the writing is therapeutic for me, but after I lost all of my pictures, it has set me back On really posting anything else. Am still trying to fix what I did wrong. I have to go back to each one and reinsert new ones. Hope you are feeling better.


  3. I was saddened to read about your problem with MS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE talk to our doctor about using LDN (low dose naltrexone). It is showing amazing results for MS, Crohn’s, Fibromalgia (which I have), and many other autoimmune diseases. If you need more information, check out and The LDN Research Trust has a section you can print to give to your doctor. There are also some support groups on Facebook such as the Got Endorphins? group. I’ve been taking it for two months and although I’m not at full dose yet, I am seeing some improvement in my energy levels. Prayers and hugs, BarbaraCT


    1. I will check but I believe I have tried that.
      The thing with me is, I have multiple autoimmune diseases- arthritis, fibromyalgia, reynauds disease, sjorgens syndrome + ulcerative colitis, and a very bad hormone imbalance where I have too much Testosterone that leads to PCOS and Endmetriosis (that I had surgery for twice, once to remove a pre-cancerous tumor). So, treating me is very difficult. And, none of the conventional and nonconventional treatments have worked to slow down my progression thus far. I did the healthy eating and fasting and juicing and vitamin drips, etc. I’m at a loss now. I’m a complicated cookie!
      I will print it out nonetheless and she what she says. I’m currently on chemotherapy (rituxan) and then I take steroids as needed (like now I need steroids but i don’t know if I want them or can even get them since getting my scan appointment is a nightmare).

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      1. I pray that she and you will both give it a shot. If you don’t see immediate improvements, don’t give up. I, too, have multiple autoimmune diseases, but thankfully MS is not one of them. I’ve been on 1mg LDN for a month (up from .75mg) and am finally starting to see some positive effects. My fibro did not react to a recent weather shift as severely as it would have before, so I have hope. With the severity of your MS, complicated by the other stuff, you may need to start at 4.5mg. Some literature says that is the maximum recommended dose, but there is new evidence that people can use up to twice that much safely. The worst for you, I think, is being off opiates if you are taking them at all. {{{{{{Gentle Hugs}}}}}}

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    1. Ty Daya. Help with MS is hard. It’s a chronic disease that never goes away. There is no cure. And, I’ve tried all conventional and all nonconventional treatments.
      More often than not, it either doesn’t help OR doesn’t help enough to outweigh the dreadful side affects. It puts in a bind.

      Much love and ty again for your kind words.
      I am trying to get back into posting. It’s hard with everything that is going on and my energy levels.


  4. Oh Drem we would miss your posts! Please do get treatment. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award and I’m informing you because the rules demand it. Please don’t feel obliged to participate. Take care.
    Much love from the otherside of the world.


  5. My mother-in-law has MS, it’s a terrible disease, I’m so sorry, dear! But I’ll tell you what is working for her… Herbs. Everyone else that she knows who was diagnosed around the same time as she was is in a wheelchair unable to walk now. But she still has her own hair salon at home and is still walking around like a champ. She doesn’t take any prescription meds, it’s all herbs from the Natural Health store here in our town. I would give that a shot, feel better, dear!!


    1. What type of herbs?
      I went on a diet that consisted of eliminating all know myelin inflammation dietary items such as red meat, pork, mushrooms, diary, gluten, etc. I felt great, but it did not slow down my disease progression or trajectory.


    1. Hi Dray,
      I sent you an email about my MS. Feel no pressure to respond. I know you get many emails a day, as do I. I only sent it to discuss your MS story and mine in a more private setting. I know MS can be a touchy subject to discuss about so openly.

      Perhaps I can feature you on here once I’m feeling better. I am devoting a section of my site to artists who Write To Heal.

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