Tell Me I’m Pretty Anyway, a poem by Drem

I wrote this today. It was difficult to start writing again. I know how you feel.

My mom said she liked this poem. So I know 1 person at least likes it.

Tell Me I’m Pretty Anyway, a poem by Drem

December 12, 2015

“When you see this ink

dripping down from my hazel eyes

staining my porcelain cheek

tell me i’m pretty,

tell me i’m pretty,

tell me i’m pretty


At 11AM,


anything is better

than what I’m saying to myself

in the mirror.

I turned them all around

in my house.

But, I got one

in my mind

and it reminds me

what i’m like…

all my faults,

all my scars,

all my marks

of shame-

they stick to my heart

that pumps not blood,

but ink.

I’m made of ink.

I cut

and it’s black.

Look, smell, feel.

It’s ink.

And when I bleed,


it looks like

a river coming from a pen factory

mixed with toxic rain.

I don’t know.

I lost track.

My insides

are too loud

to concentrate

on the sound

of creativity.



I do it

to feel accomplished.

Feel something.

Feeling nothing.

So tell me i’m pretty.

Tell this porcelain girl-

No, that’s not my eyeliner…

it’s running ink from my eyes that are wells-

Tell me I’m pretty anyway.”


10 thoughts on “Tell Me I’m Pretty Anyway, a poem by Drem

  1. I don’t know what to say…I am left speech-less…sad…wondering about you…feeling something…other than numb…moved…remembering catharsis…sobbing out lines…my channel out-pouring out…unstoppable…26…I wrote a poem…like you…it just came and went…but I was not alone…it was beautiful…pretty even


    1. Thank you Grevis. I didn’t meant to write this poem asking for compliments. But, I will try to tell myself the words you said. I need to tell myself that. It’s so easy to drown in one’s negative mind.

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      1. I know you didn’t write it for that reason, I just understand where you are coming from, because I am there myself. I think I am the most negative person there is out there. One of my therapists said I was self loathing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but I so pessimistic. We all need to help and encourage each other. If a compliment helps someone feel better, then the person giving the compliment also feels better, so to me it is a mutual thing.

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      2. That is true. And fuck therapists. The other day one said I am “sabotaging” myself AND THEN WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM. How would you feel if you needed pills to live and were broke as fuck and are healing from previous abuse? Happy!?!?!? Dumb fucks.

        Of course we’re pessimistic. We are used to being fucked over.

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