The Only One Without Holiday Stress Is My Cat, by Drem (blog post)

(Yes, that’s my cat.)

The Reality of the Season

As one gets older, it’s sad to say, the beauty of the Christmas season dwindles. For many, like myself, it brings pressure, stress, and anxiety. For me, that all culminates into depression. Painful depression. Depression that makes me feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. And the anxiety, it’s like the end of the world is approaching and my skin aches to the touch.

This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year! It’s someone’s birthday! WTF.

All we talk about in my house is money. We’re broke. I get it. No, I can’t buy you Christmas gifts. Sorry, no ordering take-out. Hey, at least it’s warmer than usual so we don’t have the heat on high- can one person here look at the bright side and rejoice?


Nobody is pretending we’re in a better place than we are. I would like everyone to start lying. I won’t tell Santa on you.


By reaching Young Adulthood at this terrible time in the economy, I see the bad side of the Christmas season. I see the desperation for sales. I see the constant glances at the thermostat. I see the mending of garments that are beyond wearable anymore. I really need new underwear. That’s what I want for Christmas. Just a heads up.


My Cat’s Reality of the Season

And then there’s my cat. He’s completely oblivious to everything. He runs around the house with his little collar on jumping about with a jingle bell attached to it. He eats too much so he’s got a little belly now. He treats himself to the tinsel like it’s ice-cream (which is very unhealthy and non-digestable and makes me nervous so I yell at him but he doesn’t care). He gets let out into the backroom to find his ray of sunshine to sleep in. He has his morning deep conversations with me about the universe and God and quantum physics (my cat is very, very vocal). He sits in front of the television and watches those Christmas Hallmark movies (…he has a thing for romantic comedies. I wish I was joking. I hate them RomComs.)


He’s just happy. And, the rest of us aren’t at all.


I wish I was a cat this Christmas.

9 thoughts on “The Only One Without Holiday Stress Is My Cat, by Drem (blog post)

    1. And we (or at least I am) supposed to be rejoicing! It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for a reason! It’s my homeboy’s birthday! And instead, in a culture obsessed with material objects, we are overwhelmed with things that aren’t even important!

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