I’m In You-Russian Doll, a poem by Drem

I like the premise of this poem. I’m trapped in me like a Russian doll trapped in another Russian doll.

I’m In You-Russian Doll, a poem by Drem

October 12, 2013

“No one to kiss

the pain away.

My jaw hurts

from screaming all day

waiting for someone

to open up,

let me in to them,

to let me out

of where I am.

I am trapt

in you.


Four walls, crimson, and dark.

I can’t see my feet.

I can’t hear a thing.

But, my eyes hurt

from crying

so much.


One day,

let me out of

your cage.

Let me out

of your rage.

You hate yourself

so much

you binge

and you cut

your own skin.

So I, in return,

hate myself.


Our teeth make me cringe,

and I grind them further down.

I would rip all my skin off,

but then we wouldn’t live.

You can’t breathe,

so I can’t breathe.

I’m locked in you,

with my nonexistent hands

behind my back.

My body is behind your ribs

like one of your Russian dolls.


Deep within

is me.

I’m small

and know how small,


I am.

But you are twice as much.

You may be bigger.

But, you’re still just a doll

who thinks she’s a regular girl

with real dreams

and real wants

and real feelings.


Only real girls,


can feel.

And you’re only a doll!

6 thoughts on “I’m In You-Russian Doll, a poem by Drem

  1. Ah, but even dolls have eyes which are the windows to the soul. Ergo, dolls have souls. (Well, that’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it… no matter how little it makes sense!) 😛


    1. Thank you so much for that. I was wondering if this poem was good enough. I am glad you appreciated the metaphors of trapped inside yourself and trapped within the many dolls that make up the Russian dolls. Thank you. You bring a smile to my face this morning.



      1. The point of my work is to Write To Heal. I want to spread that message. I am here for you and I am listening. Let us Write To Heal together ❤


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