9 Ways Of Using The Aesthetics Of WordPress To Its Full Potential, by Drem (blog post)

It really, really annoys me when someone doesn’t take the time to present their work aesthetically pleasing. They don’t use all that WordPress has to offer. I have spoken to a friend of mine about how to utilize WordPress to its full aesthetic potential. He has improved. /cringe

What’s below won’t necessarily give you more traffic. But, I’m a nobody getting decent traffic- in less than 2 weeks I got 1,000 views. So, it might help you. If anything, you’ll look more professional/pretty.

Maybe I’m being a little OCD….




Here are some tips:

  1. Pick a layout that matches your work style. Make sure your font color and choice is legible. Use Hex# for color consistency.
  2. Stick to your color palette. You can explore palettes in the Customization section. Again, use Hex# for color consistency. Stick to them, even in your photo choices in your posts. I use a lot of blue-teal/aqua/cyan, and black. Sometimes I deviate. But, I try to find what I need in those colors. It’s not easy. Sometimes I give up. Even if it has a little blue, I’m happy. Also, because my main blue is cyan, bright yellow, and other super bright colors look nice. So, I have flexibility.
  3. If you use a header, make sure it isn’t overly complicated. Or, remove the text that goes over it. Otherwise, it’s not legible.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the CSS for a customized blog look. You can ask in the forums for help!
  5. Be creative in your Featured Image. I often type in things like “heartbreak art tumblr” or “blue neon sign art” and then if I can’t find something I add the “tumblr” part. For whatever reason, tumblr has an enormous amount of awesome art.
  6. Make sure to have the Follow widget on your page. That and maybe the counter are the only really cool widget must haves. However, that’s for my blog and what I do. You might make use of other ones. Simplicity is better, nonetheless.
  7. Use tags that make sense- poetry, poem, poet, art, depression, writing, ptsd, love, relationships, chronic pain, abuse, beauty, reblog, blog, haiku, mental health, anxiety, are ones I often use. Don’t be afraid to use tags but general ones are the best ones. If your Layout reveals your tags when you click the post, it’s appropriate they match what you posted!
  8. Be WISE in choosing your excerpt (which is under More Options)! If it’s a poem, quote the best two lines. Same for any writing sample.
  9. Make the titles of your work interesting. I have had to change titles of my work because they were too vague. I need something catchy to catch you! And creative, too. I sometimes use imagery in the title, or in the excerpt. Either one, so the person gets an overall sense of your work. Combined with the Featured Photo, it will give the viewer a good sense before clicking.


10 thoughts on “9 Ways Of Using The Aesthetics Of WordPress To Its Full Potential, by Drem (blog post)

  1. Hi Drem, I only started posting here a few weeks ago, and am still unfamiliar with how the posting works, and all the tools available to make your pages better. Thanks for the adivce, but there is still a lot I don’t know what I am doing, and just experimenting, as I go along.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, I appreciate that, and I will. I haven’t posted anything tonight. I have to much too do. Maybe I can get something in later. I appreciate the tips.I just have to learn to navigate the system. I am afraid I might hit something that I’m not supposed to hit, and then lose everything


      2. I have a background in making websites. So, I have an affinity for trying to make things pretty. Don’t worry about hitting the wrong thing. u can always uncheck it.


  2. Nice thanks i did not pay for my own wordpress cos i was not sure of what i was going to do with my blog plus if pple were gon love my write still thinking if i should pay tho *confused*


    1. You don’t have to pay to have a nice WordPress. All the 2nd option gives u is a more professional looking domain name (gets ride of the http://www.artofdrem.wordpress.com and makes it http://www.artofdrem.com) and gives u CSS options.

      I had a GREAT looking WordPress before this one but it wasn’t fulfilling my needs since only a small part of my blog is photography and most of it is now blog/poetry. This is a free Theme that I changed the colors of and fiddled around a bit with (:


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