4 Things That Actually Help My Anxiety, a blog post by Drem



I hate that term, but here we go…

A lot of people want cures for anxiety and depression. Some people go to therapy (tried it). Some people take pills (…). Some people self medicate (that’s dangerous!).


Here are things that legitimately help me with my severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. as well as ease my chronic physical pain.


  1. Spa music. Right now I’m listening to Spa Music Africa by Spa Music Club. You can get it on iTunes. I bought the deluxe. Best money I ever spent.
  2. Incense. I like the smell of church. I don’t really go to church. But when I do go, I like the smell. It calms me. It’s funny because my favorite priest hung himself in the rectory. I mean, I like the incense. Not that memory. Thank God I didn’t see his body. I would have been even more fucked up than I am. So yeah, I use frankincense and myrrh.
  3. Medication– but listen to your body! Some drugs don’t work or the side effects outweigh the benefits! Chemicals in my brain are different than chemicals in your brain! If it’s your first time at a psychiatrist, expect a lot of experimentation. You are his or her guinea pig. Expect to switch psychiatrists because that one is a dumb fuck. You might even switch again because you encountered yet another dumb fuck. There are a lot of dumb fucks in the psych fields.
  4.  Write. I write to heal. If you’re on WordPress, you’re probably a writer too. Keep writing. To digest my feelings, the ink falls to the page like my tears and they form the words that express the hurt I experienced. Then, I’m able to close the book and feel not necessarily better but at least accomplished.

17 thoughts on “4 Things That Actually Help My Anxiety, a blog post by Drem

  1. I went the natural way and see a naturopath for my imbalances as didnt enjoy meds from doctors. I’m also learning to make friends with my panic rather than hate on it which is also helping!


  2. I’ve always been one to suggest that writing is very therapeutic in and of itself. It allows one to explore the mind, soul, and heart.

    Music I would think depends on one’s individual taste. That being said, when I feel as if I’m having an anxiety moment I put on a little soft jazz. As far as incense goes, I’ve never tried.it.

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  3. When I need to give myself permission to feel my emotional pain, I put on some doom metal. The way they sound is how I feel inside. People laugh at me about that but it’s what works for me. Catharsis is a vital coping mechanism for me and I make no apologies for that. 🙂

    (I think I would have been messed up if I saw that my priest hung himself in the rectory too.) 😦


    1. He was my favorite priest too. We were besties. I didn’t know he suffered from clinical depression. He was actually in the process of switching meds which we all know can have detrimental affects to the chemicals in the brain.

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      1. He was truly a Good man. One night on our Thanksgiving, the school was having a party. And I left the party and started praying in the adjacent church by myself for all the Native Americans (indigenous peoples) who were displaced, and also those without food this day. And he gave me my first rosary when he saw me doing this and said I was a very blessed soul. It still warms my heart that I was recognized.

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